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     The night nurse

     Added: 03-17-18 by Kevin Town

     Location: Location: New York


In 1988, at the age of seventeen, I underwent a tonsilectomy that nearly killed me. Though the initial surgery was a success,once placed in the recovery room, I accidentally coughed, causing my throat to hemorrhage severly. I remember seeing a frightening amount of blood spew from my mouth as I gasped for air. A nurse immediately discovered what had happened and I was immediately wisked back into the surgery room for a second emergency surgery. My family waited in the waiting room, unaware of what had happened while in the recovery room.They were told to pray as my condition was serious at that moment. The surgeon, who was experienced with what to do, repaired the damage and stabalized the situation, ultimately, saving my life. Afeter spending several supervised hours in the recovery room, I was eventually moved to a private room where I would spend the next week until I was completely healed from the trauma to my throat. Words cannot describe the sore throat I endured, it was pure and utter hell. I could not eat anything solid for a straight week, and I was barely able to swallow small sips of water.I was extremely weak and sick, and I could not turn my head whatsoever. I was given pain medication, but nothing else, other than small amounts of water. I was given a large amount of blood to replace what I had hemorrhaged in the recovery room. The first night I spent in my hospital room, I was startled awake by a petite red headed nurse who came in to my room to administer pain medicine into my IV. She was very attractive with short, wavy red hair, and a warm and loving smile.She went into the bathroom behind me and came out with a warm wash cloth, and gently washed the dried blood, still present in the corners of my mouth and on my neck. She never spoke as she wiped the blood from my skin, before helping me sit partially upright to take small sips of water from a small plactic cup that sat on my bedside tray. With the room partially darkened, illuminated by only the bathroom light behind me, I glanced at the nurse at my bedside as she helped me, and I immediately thought of my fifth grade math teacher from school, as she resembled her likeness. She always smiled as she helped me, never saying a word and I could tell right away that she was a very special, loving person who truly cared for her patients. Other nurses frequented my room from time to time, but this nurse only came into my room during the dead of night, while all the other patients slept. I never saw her enter my room whenever she visited me, nor did I ever see her exit, just just appeared quietly, which sometimes startled me whenever I awoke. Her uniform was unique and unlike the other nurses uniforms from the day shift. She wore a white nurses dress with a belt, and a white cap with a red cross on the front, something none of the other nurses wore. I figured she was the \"Head\" nurse, and I felt privledged that she was looking after me. Sometimes she would sit in the \"Jerry chair\" beside my bed and stay with me in the room for what seemed like hours. I thought it was strange that she did this as I thought she would be too busy to do something like that, considering the other patients on the floor who also needed looking after. None of the other nurses ever came into my room whenever she was present, oddly. She always left the bathroom light on and the room dark, so I could sleep, but I always woke whenever she suddenly checked on me in the night. She came to my bedside every night during my entire stay in the hospital, however, I never got her name, nor could I make out her tag. The day of my discharge, I asked the other nurses if they could send her in so I could personaly thank her for all the loving care she gave me during my recovery, but the nurse I asked, just had a confused look upon her face. \"Who might that be\", she asked? I don\'t know her name, but she has short red hair and is very nice, and she helped me throughout the night. The nurse just looked at me with a puzzled look upon her face. \"I don\'t know who you are referring too\", she said, \"but I\'ll check\". A few moments later, she returned with two other nurses and told me there was no nurse matching my deion. The other nurses who came in with her began to question me about the nurse who visited me in the night. \"What did she look like?\", one asked. Again, I explained what the nurse looked like and what she did for me, but the nurses just looked at each other, confused as to whom I could be referring to. After a few minutes past, another nurse walked into my room followed by the other three nurses. Giving me her name, The new nurse spoke up and said, \"I am the head nurse of this ward, I hear you are asking about a nurse I am not familiar with\". She asked me to describe once again the nurse that had visited me during the nights as I recovered. I repeated the details to her as the other nurses listened, but she to didn\'t know the nurse I was speaking of. I was told that she wasn\'t a nurse they were aware of and it was reported to the hospital administrator, fearing there might be someone impersonating a healthcare professional. Later that day, my surgeon came into my room, curious about my story I had told the nurses, and he too confirmed that there was no nurse matching my deion, working anywhere in the entire hospital. He said we do not have a red headed nurse working on any shift, nor on any floor in this hospital. When I heard my surgeon tell me that, I got goose bumps and I didn\'t know what to say or think. I was given only pain medication. I was alert and coherent, and I did NOT imagine it. She touched me, helped me sit upright to sip my water, and even wiped the dried blood from my neck and mouth. The day I was discharged, I was wheeled out of the hospital in a childs wheelchair from the drastic weight I had lost of not eating for a week. I am this to begin with and I almost died from the surgery and loss of blood. I know what took place and I know what I saw, and she was as real as I am, despite what the staff told me. I cannot explain who this nurse was, nor can I explain what happened, but I know I wouldn\'t have made it if it weren\'t for her, and I never got to say thank you for all she had done for me. I will never forget her for as long as I live, whoever she was.I guess she must have been an Angel of Mercy, a nurse of long ago, still looking after patients in need, assigned to those who need her help the most, and for that, I\'m thankful.

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