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     Haunted people

     Added: 03-18-18 by

     Location: Location: Indiana, USA


Haunted people
Submitted by Courtlynn
Hello, everyone. My name is Courtney and I have a big question that has been bothering me. Why do only some people see ghost, and some people who want to see them never do? When I was 7 I had my first ghost experience but at first I had tried to pass it off as a dream. I was laying in my bed when I heard my door open, but I did not hear anyone. When I sat up and looked at the door I saw my great grandma that had just seen the day before, she was standing there, looking at me smiling.What confused me was that she was in her nightgown. She also had no shoes on. I looked away for one moment and she was gone when I went to go to her. I lived in the next town over from her and it had turned out that she had died earlier that day and I didn't find out until the day after I saw her. But ever since then, I have seen all kinds of people since then, some of them really scare me. I am now getting married to a wonderful man who lost his mother two years before we got together. Three months before I moved in with my fiancée when I was asleep with my dog and in a complete different house and town. The house was Victorian and was said to be part of the underground rail road. I heard my door open and the blanket got pulled off my feet and then covered up again. My mom had always came get my dog at 5 am so she could use the bathroom while i got my last hour of sleep before school, so it didn't surprise me when I heard, "Where's your dog?" I said next to me. then I heard, "Where are my shoes?" she just kept repeating it. I opened my eyes finally and looked at the clock I had not been asleep for no more than an hour. Then I heard it again "Where are my shoes?" When i went to tell my mom that i had no idea where her shoes were it wasn't her. A woman in a dress who seemed really young and in distress was looking at me. I heard something else and my dog yelped loudly when I looked at my foot board I saw an older man sitting on it. Clearly sitting there looking at a pocket watch it wasn't until I could see both of them at the same time that it freaked me out. My brothers friends had always said they saw a man going upstairs that matched my deion. I called my fiancee and told him to come over right away and he helped me calm down and told me he wished he could see things like that. I told him about my great grandmother and how every house I have lived in but 1 I saw people. The only house I didn't see anyone in was a new built house in Florida, but I didn't live there very long. I once lived in a funeral home and my bedroom had a den connected to it. Every night like a broken record I would see a man come through the wall and to the window. It drove me nuts so i had my dad stay in there until i knew the guy would come when he came I told my dad to look but my dad did not see him. When my cousin spent the night she woke me up saying, "there's a man in your room!" So I knew I wasn't alone. He was there and I wasn't going crazy.

Now here I am getting married and as soon as I moved into my future husbands house I came down with a sleeping disorder. We were sleeping in his moms old room, but she had passed away 2 years ago and was cremated, half her ashes had been planted with a tree like they used to in the old days, (except being cremated part) but half her ashes remain in the house. After I got used to being up all the time I decided to change bedrooms, and before I knew it I started sleeping again. When I woke up one morning I came downstairs and went to go into the kitchen. We have a bar with an arch window over it that you can see into the kitchen. When I saw this woman standing there, used to seeing people who aren't there by now I said hello, hoping she would reply and just be a person (I HAD NO IDEA WHAT SHE LOOKED LIKE!) when she walked out of the kitchen I quickly chased her to find out she was not there. I left the room and drew a picture of what she looked liked, I showed my Fiancée the drawing and he was shocked and I never seen him more pale. I asked him what was wrong and he said one thing, "That's my mom," a few months later I was loading the dryer when i saw a reflection of what I thought was my fiancée waiting for me to finish when I turned around he was still there but it was not my man, it was a complete different guy once I stood up he turned around and started walking away I stayed no more than 3 feet away from this guy, I fallowed him out of the laundry room, through the front room, up the stairs, through my new bedroom and into the room connected to it (the room I plan on using as a nursery) Once we were getting to that room I knew he would disappear but I was surprised I had been able to see him for so long, and that it was as if he wanted me to see him. But when I tried to grab him he turned and was gone leaving me at the doorway of an empty room. The thing is this house can't be haunted because my fiancées father had built the house himself. I drew the man and showed it to both my hubby and his dad, neither of them knew who it was, and its still bothering me today. I lived on a farm when I kept hearing pans banging, something frying, and every faucet would turn on in the house, when my aunt house sat she sat the keys to house on the coffee table she fed the horses and when she came back the key ring had completely untwist and was a complete straight line, not a circle. I fallowed someone dressed as an Indian (I was 10) to come across a family graveyard hidden in the woods behind my house, which I rode by all the time and had never noticed and after talking to my neighbors they said their house and my house at the time were built on top of an Indian barrel ground. My future husband can not see these people I see and they are as clear as human people to me and sometimes they talk. Why can't he see his mom and I have seen her 4x's already??? He says that he can feel vibes off people and since we have been together (just over 2 years) and he's always right about the way anyone feels around us. I can't get vibes but I see ghost clear as day can anyone help me out with this situation? If you want to contact me directly e-mail me at:

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