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     A haunting on tyrol lane - stockton, ca

     Added: 05-21-18 by

     Location: Location:


A haunting on tyrol lane - stockton, ca
Submitted by Paul Dale Roberts
This may be the mother of all investigations, as I write this in real time. Here is the situation. The occupants that lived here have moved out, leaving some of their possessions behind. The negative activity in this apartment (apartment 86) was too much for them to handle. Mia (occupant) says that an entity tried to snatch her baby from her arms. The occupants started having mood swings. The atmosphere in the apartment became hostile. They felt like their lives were in danger and it was time to get out for their own safety. They left the key under the mat and told me that my investigators have free reign of their apartment. They are merely curious on what kind of evidence we will find tonight.

To see pictures from this investigation, please stop by here:

I had a briefing with my investigators and placed Mia on the speaker phone. Mia tells us that the family that lived in this apartment previously before them faced a hostage situation, in which the male occupant placed his family under his gun. The male occupant killed his family (possibly 3 family members) and then placed the gun to his head and shot himself. I am still trying to verify this incident. I did discover that there was a stabbing death outside of the apartment complex. Mia once saw a black fog move down the hallway and her boyfriend felt something sitting on his chest. They would get many hot spots in the apartment and there was a time when the apartment became unbearably hot. Note: Black mist, black fog and black smoke are an indication of demonic activity. Hot spots are also an indication of demonic activity vs. a cold spot that is usually ghost activity.

I am having a few sets of 40 minute investigative sessions to see what we can find. Since I have a small group of investigators, we are having what I call a 'free-for-all' investigation where investigators have the ability to go wherever they want in the apartment.

Equipment being used this night are: 4 Static Night Vision Cameras and DVR, 2 Sony Night Shot Camcorders, 2 Sony Night Shot Cameras, 4 Digital Voice Recorders, Monitor, EMF Detector, HD Panasonic Pro Camcorder, Still Temperature Gauge, and Directional Microphone (provided by Placer Paranormal Other equipment: digital audio recorders, flashlights, digital cameras, digital video cameras, 3 walkie talkies, Toshiba laptop.

Let's do a roll call.

HPI Paranormal Investigators present: Staci Butler, Peter Devera and Randy Annis of Placer Paranormal; Timothy Dennehy and Ghost his dog; Stephanie Belson; Shari Aresta and Cynthia Meadows. Lead Investigator: Paul Dale Roberts.

Before, I discuss the investigation further, we are promoting the new movie: Twilight: New Moon for Lionsgate. Thank you Melissa from Lionsgate for providing us with the cool New Moon t-shirts, New Moon collector cards, New Moon pens and New Moon posters! Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe went to last night's midnight movie premiere and absolutely loved the movie. There was a huge line outside of the door that went completely around the building. Everyone loves vampires and the vampires of New Moon are absolutely hot! Note: Shannon also went to a KISS concert before seeing the midnight premiere movie New Moon. Yes! Shan had a fun night that night! Now back to the investigation:

Our first briefing, Randy tried to debunk the black mist sighting by turning on the heater and air conditioning to see if any debris was coming out of the AC filters. We did not see any debris. There are exceptionally high EMF readings throughout the apartment, which could cause hallucinations, depression and even anger. On the monitors we found some erratic orb movement, we saw orbs that moved in various directions unlike a dust orb that will fall straight down slowly. This will need to be analyzed further. There are gnats in the apartment which could look like orbs in our photographic evidence. Note: Staci later dismissed the erratic movement of the orbs as being the gnats! Stephanie mentioned that when she first entered the apartment, she felt some depression that could be place memories. Stephanie, who has psychic abilities, has not felt anything during the first investigative session. Staci feels the air ducts could be transmitting voices and smells from other rooms, which could be misinterpreted as paranormal. Timothy says that when he first entered the apartment he felt sadness. Timothy picked up orb activity on one of his photos.

As the night progressed, no EVPs were captured. No anomalies were captured in our still photos and video. We commenced with a sťance. Staci and Stephanie did some provoking during the sťance without any substantial results. No EVPs were captured during the sťance. We utilized 3 walkie talkies in the sťance, to see if the entities wanted to talk through the walkie talkies, no success. I have been successful in past sťances using walkie talkies in which the entities would communicate through the walkie talkies with intelligent responses back to the investigator. See past article entitled: A Sťance that Produced Very Scary Results.

No substantial findings indicating paranormal activity.

I believe the high EMF (electro magnetic field) readings in this apartment are causing disturbances that are felt by the occupants. This turned out to be the Mother of All EMF Readings!


Now to another note, Shannon and I will soon be part of a panel at a Paranormal Convention in Sacramento and below is why I think conferences and conventions are important:

Paranormal conferences and conventions are essential in getting information out to the public. Many people experience the paranormal and have no one to relate their experiences with. At a conference or convention, they are consulting with people that live and breathe the paranormal. We are here to understand, to seek out the truth and to exchange knowledge. Paranormal conferences and conventions are one more key in unlocking the unknown.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator & Ghostwriter
Shannon McCabe's HPI
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Part 1: HPI 2009 Halloween Vampire Ball
Part 2: HPI 2009 Halloween Vampire Ball.
Behind the Scenes: Michael Jackson: In Search of his Spirit.
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 (for comments on this

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