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     Baby monitor voices

     Added: 04-27-18 by

     Location: Location: Iowa


Baby monitor voices
Submitted by RubysMommy
The morning of Ruby's Baptism. Ruby was 7 and a half months old. I woke up before her and was in the living room on the computer and heard her whining to let me know she was awake. I turned on the hall light and opened the door to her room, walked over to the monitor and shut it off. I leaned over Ruby's crib and she was quiet but awake so I started talking to her. I was saying "good morning pretty girl" etc. Then I heard a baby crying in what seemed like my bedroom. My husband had still been in bed and the handset to the baby monitor was still on. I left Ruby in her crib and went to see where the noise was coming from. I leaned in to the bedroom and my husband looked at me and I said "that's not her, she's quiet!" He just stared at me like he was confused. I listened for a minute and went to get Ruby. I made sure the monitor was off in her room and it was. We went back into my bedroom and my husband was still listening to the sounds coming from the monitor. Ruby and I sat on the bed and the three of us listened together. I thought at first that our monitor has picked up another monitor in the neighborhood until I heard the baby more clearly. The baby was whining, making different noises and saying "da da da da." I knew from the minute she started making those sounds that it was Ruby I was hearing on the monitor! It was hear voice with the same fluctuations! My mouth must have been hanging open and my eyes wide as I told my husband "that's Ruby!" You know what your baby sounds like and I knew for sure I was listening to her.

The longer we listened, the more clear it became that this sounded like our nightly after bath routine. Then I heard my own voice asking her if she wanted lotion! I always lotion her after her bath and talk to her as I'm getting her dressed. I just heard my own voice! I was dumbfounded at what I was hearing and my husband and I kept staring at each other as we continued to listen. It sounded like listening to a recording, only our monitor has no recording device at all. There are no babies in our neighborhood that are around Ruby's age that I'm aware of.

We listened for several more minutes to what sounded like the baby eating from a bottle and then drifting off to sleep. I had to feed Ruby so we went ahead and shut the monitor off. I couldn't stop thinking about it all day! Our monitor has never picked up any interference before this day and nothing since. The monitor in her room and the handset are always placed in the same position. The sound was as though it was coming from the room the monitor was in and didn't have a lot of static like it was picking up something far away!

My biggest question is this: if I was picking up someone else's monitor why would I be listening to a Mother bathing, dressing and feeding her baby when a monitor is used for sleep time? The monitor wouldn't be on during that time!

My husband and I are wondering if because of the significance of the day and the fact that his Mother has passed on that she was somehow trying to let us know that she hears us and is still watching?

This picture was taken at the church before the Baptism on the same day as the incident.

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