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     Spirit of the coin

     Added: 12-23-14 by

     Location: Location: Philippines


Spirit of the coin
Submitted by GHOSTCOIN
This all happened feb. of 2008, I was just 13 at this time.It all started with the local movie "ouija",me and three of my friends talked about it and decided to do it. We bought a 1/4 illustration board and wrote A-Z in a form of an eye.. under it is the word FAREWELL and then we numbered it from 0-9... we wrote yes and no on top and a no-yes at the bottom. michell and me already expirienced it. and we look at it as a JOKE. but this time It's not. we did this at the 3rd floor of our school. And since we dont have any candles, we asked "MANONG", our janitor to buy us candles and match sticks... when he got back.. he told us, "be careful", I felt scared of what he said because he does'nt know what we're going to do.... okay let's now start... we prayed our father without saying amen and then we called the 7 devils and then we asked "spirit of the coin are you here?" nothing happened.. we asked this for the 2nd time and the coin moved... as we go on... I noticed the three of them looking at me... and then at my back... I was so scared! they told me that someone was pulling hair... it's not the wind because it is so straight...we decided to finish it without saying farewell... when we stand up... we heard the moving of the chairs at the other room... we all paniced because we're the only student on the 3rd floor... and the janitor was not there... we decided to look at it. It was horrible... it's like... a hurricane came cause the chairs are scattered.. and some are on top of the the table... how this happened!? we also don't know....after three days we decided to finish it for the FOUR of us can't SLEEP... we all have the same feeling that... when we close our eyes... someone is looking at us... and we all smell the scent of flowers and candles at the same time at night... It's weird cause our houses are far from each other.... when we started it, we just called the spirit and we told him that can we finish it... he said no... and then H-A-H-A-H-A-H-A- and the coin moves faster and faster... and we cannot take of our hands on the coin.. and then my class mate shouthed and asked... what can we do to stop this!? the coin stopped... and then it moved again..."offer a life"... what the heck!? how can we do this.... michelle, cried and then she tore the board... when we got home... she told us that someone or something was on my back.. it was a black shadow... it looks like a tall man looking ate board and laughing...and it looked at her.... and she told us that she tore the board because she is scared that maybe... I am the one who will the demon get or maybe her!!! were all scared...after two days all of us almost got an accident... I'm almost hit with a car.... the whole school already knew the story and they offered a mass for us... while the teachers are talking to us... we're all crying as if spirits came on our body... they said we act weird.....after that incident happened... some of our schoolmates think we're crazy... no one believed us... until now... there are spirits following us... as if they need our help... it's almost a year after that incident happened... we're all thankful because we're already friends with the spirit... his name is WADIAM.. he is a fil-american... he's age was just a little older than us... we we're 14 and he's 16... if you are not brave enough...I'm telling you.... dont try it!

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