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     Toowoomba ghosts part. 1

     Added: 10-20-14 by

     Location: Location: Queensland, Australia


Toowoomba ghosts part. 1
Submitted by Nathan
Don't know if this story is anywhere on this website, but i'm here to tell of the Downlands College ghosts in Toowoomba.I boarded at Downlands in 2004 for year 8 and as soon as i got there the seniors began to tell us all these creepy stories about ghosts. At first i didn't believe them, thinking it was just a prank to get us newbies spooked. But then i asked the dorm master about it and she backed up a lot of the stories. A lot of the other teachers had similar tales as well. Out of the several stories i heard i only ever witnessed two ghosts in my time at the college. For those of you that do not know Downlands College, its extremely big. 4 full sized ovals and a giant "park" at the front of the school around the size of 3-4 football fields. Trees populate the entrance park. Now Toowoomba is an extremely cold and foggy town, so i'm not 100% sure on the first sighting by myself, but one night, aroundabouts 6:00pm, my friend and I snuck out of the dorm for a smoke. It was a particularly foggy night so we went into the park area so we wouldn't be caught. We sat down and chatted for a while before finally sparking up and taking a few drags. I hadn't noticed it when we first arrived, but the fog around us had disappeared. It was like we were in a box of normal vision, with fog about 4 or 5 meters away on all sides. I swear black and blue, that out of the mist came a woman. Dressed in what looked like a nurse outfit. She walked slowly from one side of the fog across the clearing to the other. pausing briefly and looking up at us, before continuing back. I looked at my mate to see if he saw her as well, and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. We hurried back to the dorm and didn't talk to each other the rest of the night. FACT: Downlands College opened in 1914 and was closed down during the Second World War and used as a hospital. Many died there during the war AND after. Over 10 ghosts are known to inhabit the premises. Theres Photographic proof in Tyson Manor, of an old School group photo with a misty apparation standing to the right of a boy in a school uniform much older than the real schoolkids around him.NathanFeel free to email me for any queries or just to chat.

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