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     9/11 ...

     Added: 04-27-18 by

     Location: Location: NYC/USA


9/11 ...
Submitted by judy
Ok on that day that the twin towers fell I was in 4th grade, I can remember clearly, My teacher sat near the window (which were very large) I remember her looking over her shoulders and trying to make out what she was seeing, then our science teacher came in very worried and told my teacher what was going on. She started to call us one by one to see what was happening (she thought it wasnít fair for us to stay without knowing) when it was my turn I walked up next to her, by the window of course, an she says "look right over there" pointing to the direction where the smoke was coming from...At this time I was in Brooklyn and you could only see the twin towers as little as a pin but you could see the smoke clearly, as she said that I looked and for a moment I felt as if I went out of my mind and I could see myself closer and hearing people scream,( I was born in Manhattan so I have a big affection for it =D Lower East side!)

I snapped out of it when my teacher gave me a little shove and said my name. Later on my sister came to pick me up and take me home because my mother was scared, my father and brother, they were in new jersey working so the came later that evening. We watch the news for a little bit but it wasnít very clear the images cause of the smoke, my mother didnít let me watch the whole news because she thought I would get terrified(sorry if I didnít spelled it right) so I went to bed early and that when it happened. In my dream I went to the accident site, now known as ground 0, it was foggy but with a whit glow, thatís when I saw the only thing still in contact of the world trade centre was a wall that was shaped like a latter(you know like in cartoons when the blow up a building a fragment stays up like in the shape of a stair case) and as I approached it I would see the ghost of those people still working as if nothing, I saw this lady with coral suite, black short hair, she was walking with a big envelope on the top floor in which was the last one.

I canít remember clearly of the other spirits but I remember seeing a guy well in his 30's bringing in the mail on a little cart. The next day I woke up really scared went to my brothers TV and tuned in the news I was really shocked to see that the wall I saw in my dream was standing just like I saw it!!! It was as foggy at it was in my dream to. I donít know if it was a regular dream or not, but am sure I saw those ghost and they didnít seemed happy even till this day I can see a recording of 911 and cry because I could just imagine the pain of knowing they were never going to see there loved ones in person again, or maybe the still hang around? Who knows but I would love to investigate there some day. I hope you liked my story and if not then well sorry. I hope you can respond in any way so I can know what is it that happened to me because its not the first time that happened to me.. I have other experiences so i'l post them up as soon as I can =D thanks 4 reading!

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