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     Michigan ghost stories

     Added: 05-22-15 by

     Location: Location: Michigan, US


Michigan ghost stories
Submitted by Karleena Caudill
They're here. All kinds of creepy things happen in my house, and some will be hard to believe. Well, i was on the internet earlier today, and looking for the signs of a medium, and a psychic, finding out i was a medium, and my mom is a psychic. I've always heard spirits, and sensed them, seen them and smelt them. My mom, she has too.
The sightings of ghosts, demons, poltergeists, etc.:

Well, I'll start with my sister's. One night, my sister Liz was sleeping, she said she heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairway, and it woke her from her dream, so she looked in that direction. She said that a man in white was walking towards her bed swinging an axe, and he kept approaching her bed, she said she closed her eyes and blinked, and he was still there. She said that she got so scared she wet her pants, and quickly turned on the light. She said she ran down stairs, crying hysterically that she saw a man in her room. She told my parents the story, and kept crying, saying she thought that someone was going to kill her. My parents had thought that someone broke into the house, and went up stairs, but there was no sign of any man. My sister was terrified.

Just the last night, I was asleep, and I was having a good dream, until I heard this grinding sound in my dream, heavy breathing also. I woke up, and still heard it, and I looked over by my sister's mirror, and I saw this big black thing in front of it. It was sitting on it's feet, but only in a weird positing. I freaked out, because I could she it's shoulders rising and lowering. It had this big deep breath, that dragged on, and I only made a short whimper, and pulled the blanket over my head, and fell asleep in an instant.

Okay, well my older sister Chelsea, had seen this man. We were outside late one night, and my brother Zakk was kind of being a loner, and just hanging out by himself. Well, my sister all of a sudden ran up to our door and shouted inside, 'Mom there's a man out here to see you!' The only problem was, to everyone else there was no one there. Well then we by the big hill in our yard, and she pointed down the hill and shouted, 'Chase him!' We thought she was talking about my brother Zakk, but she insisted she was pointing at a man. She said he was wearing an old fashioned hat, and he was wore a black drench coat She said he kind of hunched over, carrying a big black book. We later found out that he was carrying the black book of death.

I was getting ready for school one morning, and I looked out the window, and it was dark outside. I saw this man, with an old fashioned hat on, heading over to our house, he was hunched, and it looked like he was carrying something, but only I didn’t know what. So I ran inside and called out to my mom, ‘Mom, there’s a man walking up to the house,’ My mom came out into the breezeway, where I had seen the man walking up our drive way.

There has been many other freaky sightings in my house, but I’ll add them in part two.

Floating fireball? Yep, that’s right, my sisters and I were in the kitchen one day, we couldn’t tell if was floating or not. But we stared out of our window, and it was DRIZZLING outside. There was this fireball out there that seemed to be moving around in our woods. We think it was strange, because it couldn’t not have stayed lit because it was drizzling outside.

Boy in the woods:
My friend Lucy and I were out in the woods one day, to look around. We went to this really big cage out in the woods, and I started to poke around in it with a stick. I kept telling her there was nothing but plants in there, no bones. We heard some sticks snap, like someone was walking out there. I looked around, hoping it would be no Satanist coming out of the bushes. We had always thought that Satanists hung out there. There was upside crosses carved into trees, and there was once a picture of the virgin Mary, but her face had a mustache drawn on it, and had a devil tail. Anyways, back to the story. My friend and I looked around kind of creeped out, and so we started to run out of the woods. We crossed a big mound, and I turned my head to see if anything was following, it was probably only turned for 2 seconds. But in those 2 seconds, I saw a boy standing there. He was holding tools, and wore old fashioned overalls, and stared at me like the why-are-you-running-away look. After those 2 seconds, when I snapped my head forward again. I stopped, and shouted out to my friends Lucy, ‘Wait!’ She stopped and looked at me out of breath. I looked behind my shoulder to see if he was still standing there, but he wasn’t.

Man in Wal-Mart:
My parents took my into Wal-Mart on a Sunday, not to long ago. There eyeglass area was closed when we were standing at the cashier. I looked back into the dark room, and saw a man with long black hair, a white button up long sleeved white shirt, and black slacks standing there. He had one arm crossed against his chest, and one rested on his crossed arm, and he gave me that pondering look. I stared, because he was staring right at me. But only, he didn’t blink, he just stood there like a statue. I kept asking my mom if she seen him, and I kept pointing, and telling her that there was a man. She kept telling me no one was there, and I stared at my mom for a second. I looked back where the man was standing he was still there. I knew he was real the second I saw him blink and switched his arms. ‘See mom,’ I said, looking at my mom pointing at the man. She told me no one was there, and I looked back this time, he was gone.

She talks to me:
My sister’s friend Justine was at my house to witness this. Well I was in a conversation with them, and I noticed their voices seemed to fade. A voice came down form my stairway.
‘Hi Karleena,’ it said, it sounded like a deceased girl I had seen in my dreams.
‘Huh?’ I asked myself not wanting to really hear it speak to me, then I said, ‘What?’
‘Wanna play with me…’ and she mentioned something about playing on the stairway.
‘Why would I want to play with you?’ I asked, kind of snapping. Liz and Justine looked at me like I was crazy. The girl said a few couple things that I couldn’t understand, and I only listened, then she out of the blue asked, ‘And you?’
‘What?’ I asked, not knowing where that came from. Then, the regular noises came back to me, Liz and Justine and asked, ‘Did you guys hear that?’ They only shook their heads.

Dead Sister Dream:
Well, I had a sister who died in a house fire, and I never really ever thought about it hard, until I had a dream one night. In the dream, it had been years since she had died. And we got a box of her belongings, I don’t know why, but in the dream my mom didn’t want to read the diary that was in the box, she wanted me to read it. So I did, and in my dream I went to bed and woke up (in my dream, not real life), but only I wasn’t in my room. I was in this pitch black room, with lit up pentagrams on the walls, and moons. There was a big black chair in front of me, kind of fancy. It was about five feet taller than me, and I stared at it. There was a black cloak on the back. It started to sway, like wind, and soon it started to get super fast. I heard demons voice that sounded real, and creepy. Then I saw these hand prints appear on the cloak, like someone was clutching it. And in real life it felt like someone was doing that to my back. I woke up, I had goosebumps all over my body, and my back felt funny. My shirt was lifted up to my shoulders, and my blankets were on the other side of the room.

Weird Formation:
Okay, well this one is short. One night I was sleeping. You all know what an ark is, well imagine forming an ark with your body, now try it with your back, when your back is the inner part of the ark. And your hand are at your sides, and your head is thrown back, and you just won’t stop bending, until your almost a complete circle. My sister said she woke up, and saw me doing that, only I kept bending, and I’m not a flexible, I can barely bend my back like that as far as she said I did. She said I wouldn’t stop. She kept yelling at me, and then she threw pillows at me, and I stopped. She yelled at me again, and then she said I formed back into my normal shape.

Part 2 is coming very soon, it will include stuff like:
Message from a demon
Spirits Handkerchief
My Sister’s Bed
The Vortex
The Black Cloaked People
The boy poltergeist follows me
The mirror
And then part three will come too.

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