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     A Jamaican ghost story

     Added: 03-19-18 by

     Location: Location: Pickering, Ont. Canada


A Jamaican ghost story
Submitted by Vemkeit
I heard when I was out there, ok I know some people that live out in Jamaica there was a older man that was my friends grandfather he told me this story about when he was young where they lived there was only one main path/road that lead in and out of his neighborhood (they lived in the country side there were other road and paths and all but this happened to be the most used) and he and his friend would go out late at night and climb trees and jump down to scare who ever came down the path/road it was their entertainment I guess. One night they happened to jump down and scare a oybia ( a voodoo witch) she never cursed them or nothing cause she was a friend of the family but she left them with a warning " one day you youths are going to run into te duppy that roams tis road you know and when you do you will hafe to face 'im, its been know to scare some, even to them death, or haunt you for you whole life heed my warning you know cause I ain't warning cou again" ( I had assumed she had warned them before about their antics but that was left unsaid). They thought they knew much better then some crazy old woman they continued with the nights agenda after not seeing anything that night, they decided to go home and call it a night. A few days later my friends grandfather's friend called on him to go to their usual spot to scare some more people for kicks and my friends grandfather had a bad feeling so he said he didn't want to tonight and his friend teased him saying he was scared by the old lady and he said he would show him there was nothing to be afraid of and he was going anyway.

Now I should take a moment to tell you that my friends grandfather lived right across from his buddy's house so from his window he could see his friends house. As time went on my friends grandfather was starting to wonder what happened to his friend why he hadn't returned usually they were home by this time when they were together so he kept watch eventually he gave up and went to sit and relax only to have his friend bust through his door his nice black hair chalk white he was unable to speak he couldn't breathe his lips were white, my friends grandfather hollered for his mama and when she came she thought the boy was dying they thought he was a goner he was laid out for days and days on end, eventually he a woke but still wouldn't speak of what happened. Time heals all wounds so they say and one day he finally told his friend (my friends grandfather) what happened that night : He was up in the tree waiting and waiting no one seemed to be around when he herd feet shuffling feet walking no other noise just the footsteps. As he heard them get closer he got ready just as he thought the foot steps were close enough he jumped and as he did the foot steps stopped he looked around no one was there he looked left then right then left again and then right and there in his face was the duppy who scared him so badly his hair went white he became unable to speak and it came after him as he ran all the way to his friends house. After that and the boy wouldn't go anywhere near that road he would go miles and miles away out of the way to avoid it.

While I was there after hearing this story of course I wanted to see the location of this event, so my friend and his grandfather took me there that night and in the distance I saw some figure standing there one second then it was gone..... was the story true as I stared and blinked it was gone and my friend urged me to go he said "we need to book now u'know lets go now" I protetested saying "what? come on man we dono what it is it could be nothin" he was very scared looking back and fourth and he said "seriously guy lets go now man come" So we left.

So now tell me was I too seeing things in the distance that didn't exist? was the story true? Did I really see the duppy and happened to leave in time? Why was my friend so scared? (he wasn't the type to scare easy)

what do you think about this story?

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