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     Cabin hauntings

     Added: 06-01-16 by

     Location: Location: United States


Cabin hauntings
Submitted by Becky
Hello. I'm a teenager who currently lives on top of a mountain in Berlin, NY in Rensselaer County. My house was once a cabin that was built into a house over the years. We moved in when I was about 7. When I was around 8 or 9 years old I was sleeping on the floor of my room (I had a loft bed at the time) and around 2 in the morning I woke up. I don't remember if I was cold or what, all I remember is looking over into the corner where I had thrown a note from earlier. (My friend and I had been playing stuff involving ghosts and the paranormal. I had taken this abbreviation ACME and turned it into some evil ghost organization and had thrown the note in the corner.) Anyways, I looked over into the corner and saw what looked like Madeline, the little french girl from the disney show, digging through my stuff. She then looked over at me and quickly dissappeared, walking through the wall and out into the hall way. I was petrified. After a few minutes I fell back asleep.

My Grammie died a few years back and my mom has reported seeing her walk through the living room in her favorite sweater. I wouldn't doubt this either. Her aunt has also reported seeing my Grammie in her house. She's our guardian angel now.

The other night (April 1st-2nd, 2006) I was down in my kitchen around midnight making some chocolate milk. I saw that the 2 liter bottle of cola was almost empty and I usually finish them off. So I did exactly that. I put the bottle down and it wobbled like it usually did. Then I was making my chocolate milk, the bottle would not stop wobbling. It started wobbling faster and faster on its spot on the counter. It creeped me out, I was truely worrying about it falling and hitting the floor and making a loud noise. As it got faster it eventually stopped. I put the milk and chocolate syrup away and went up to my room, seriously creeped out by what I had just witnessed.

I would not doubt it if my house was haunted by ghosts. However I do not think they are bad ones, for my expierence the other night the ghost may of been watching me and accidently knocked into the bottle and then stopped it. However, it still creeps me out.

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