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     We saw a troll on the side of the road

     Added: 04-27-18 by Renee

     Location: Location: Tennessee, U.S.


This experience happened around 7-8 years ago and my daughter and I still remember it clearly. We were in the car on a Sunday afternoon in early October on the way to my parents' house for dinner. All my family lives within a 10 mile radius of each other in a rural area in Eastern TN so dinner every Sunday was the norm for us. I live about 5 miles from my parents and this day was like any other until we saw something we'll never forget.
Around a mile from my house I came around a sharp curve in the road and immediately had to swerve towards the left to avoid hitting something. It wasn't exactly in the middle of the road but was sitting in someone's driveway with its back turned towards the road and its feet stretched out in front of it, facing away from the road. It didn't react at all to nearly being run down so I assumed that some idiot had put a dummy or some such thing there to scare people (remember, it was almost Halloween). Deion: since its legs were in plain view it would maybe have been 3ft in height, it was wearing an oddly shiny black coat- I don't know how long the coat was because it never stood up- but what I remember the most was its hair. It was very long, solid black and shiny like its coat. I don't know why that particular feature stuck with me but its hair seemed very strange to me for some reason. I kind of rolled my eyes in irritation that someone would place it so close to the road, especially in the curve. But... As I slowed down to pass it my daughter and I were both looking at it- and it turned its head to look back at us! Its face looked dark brown-black and was wrinkled like a dried apple. That's all I recall about its face because we were both horror-struck and vacated the area as fast as I could drive. As I said before about how close together my family lives, it was a mile past my house and a mile before I reached my cousin's house- we saw it exactly between our houses. I arrived at my mom's and Sarah and I began telling what we saw and my cousin Nikki was shocked- she had seen a tiny, solid black thing passing through her yard towards the wooded area behind her home just the night before. She hadn't told anyone because she knew her brothers would make fun of her and sure enough, she described what we had just seen in broad daylight.
I haven't seen it again myself, nor has anyone I know personally, but we have heard now and then that it's been spotted in the area. I have no clue what it was- or is- but my mind keeps screaming, "A troll! You saw a troll!" I hope I see it again so if I have any updates I will send them in.

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