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     Ghosts, spirits and poltergeists, oh my!

     Added: 03-21-18 by Intutive Medium Bec

     Location: Location: Scotland


My childhood home was near a graveyard which gave me the creeps so I would never go and play outside in the dark. For many years of my life there I would constantly lose things. I would put things down somewhere, come back to get them later and they would be gone. I would ask my family if they had moved it and they would deny it. I would go and look for it and find it where I left it. The only times I even saw anything there was one night when I opened my eyes after feeling patting on my bed, I looked up and saw a female shape standing by my bed. Another night I saw a woman dressed in white behind a tree outside, I blinked and she was gone.
The house I currently live in, I knew from the second I walked in that it was haunted but I still stayed, I could tell for the most part that there were good spirits here and I felt safe. My first experience there was a bad one, a poltergeist shoved me down my stairs but I managed to grab the railing. It kept trying to shove me until I yelled at it to stop. A week later it tried again and failed to shove me fully down my stairs. The only difference is that I told it off this time and threatened to have it removed from my house, after that it just moved things to mess with me.
It was in this house that I met my spirit protector/guide Janet. She started spending the nights standing at the end of my bed facing away, then it progressed to her moving my hair, chills and the sound of a female voice saying my name. Eventually I managed to work up the courage to talk to her and we went from there. The others have not bothered me since.

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