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     House of unknown

     Added: 03-18-18 by Nancy

     Location: Location: United States California


My story begins when I was 12 years old and we moved from Santa Paula ca to Palmdale ca in 1992, we moved into this home built in 1957.  Since the first week we moved in strange things started to happen, it started with hearing someone dragging their feet down the hallway to kitchen cabinets being slammed and hearing dishes, pots and pans hit the floor, but when we would run out of the rooms to check everything was intact. We also had a stereo turn on by itself really loud! When after unplugging it.
My cousin was about 6-7 years old when she came to visit, she was standing in front of door leading to the backyard, it was a glass door and she immediately got really scared and passed out, after she woke up from passing out and talking to her mom over the phone and was calm enough she told us she'd seen a woman in white in the back yard.
Another time my sister had to watch the neighbor's daughter, she told her to sit in the couch while she showered then they will go to her house as she sat on the couch she said she saw the bedroom door open and then slammed! And she looked through the bathroom door straight ahead and actually saw the door knob move around.  She thought my sister was coming out of the shower but when she got closer she realized my sister was still in the shower.
On two different occasions I was laying in bed watching tv in the most active room in the house and my bed started shaking nothing else' I ran out scared and asked if their was an earthquake and my mom looked at me funny and said no. I looked up to the chandelier and no movement at this time I was really scared, but then it happened again but this time my friend was in the room with me when it happened. We ran out again and told my mom but this time she stayed quiet. Also late at night you can hear conversations like a social part glass clicking and laughter but as soon as we looked out to the dinning area nothing just quiet. I've also seen a black shadow on the corner of my room and after the first time seeing it I suffer from sleep paralysis.
We still have contact with those neighbors that still remember these events, and even another set of neighbors told us that before we moved in the lights in that house would turn on and seen shadows. The house is always for sale or being rented out The address to that home I can never get out of my head even though it's been 22 years since we moved.

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