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     Shadow scream

     Added: 04-28-18 by Nicholas Jones

     Location: Location: Missouri/USA


True Story of my only "Ghost" experience It happened in 2011, I was 11 years old getting ready for school everyone had their own priorities: Mom and Dad were already at work and my older brother and sister were getting ready for school with me. Since they were in a higher graded school than I they rode a different bus at a different time. So they went onto their bus at around 7:20 maybe, and now at this point I'm home alone waiting for my bus to get here. I was getting my backpack in my room which was upstairs where all the other rooms were, my brother and I shared a room, my sister had the middle room by my parents. Mind you, every room had a window in it which faced the East, where the sun rises very brightly in the morning.
Anyway, I grab my bag and start to head for the stairs by my parent's room, but right when I passed my sisters room... A woman of some kind screamed very loudly into my ear, of course I jumped and screamed as well. I'm backed against the wall looking into my sister's room and all I see is pitch black darkness in her room and it moves quickly to the left towards her closet. Then it is bright again and I can see the sun through her window. All of this was in a matter of 5 seconds, so when I saw the darkness move I dropped my bag and ran down stairs and called my dad, balling my eyes out sitting at the front door. He tells me that I was just being paranoid but I will swear to anything I heard a scream deeply in my ear. But now I'm off the phone and it's getting closer to my bus getting here to take me to school, but I left my backpack in front of my sister's door... I literally left my bag there and just went to school.
By the time I got back home my brother and sister were walking from there bus. I got off and got into the house right behind them, parents still have yet to come home from work so we're all three alone. I stay down stairs while my brother and sister go upstairs. My sister calls my name to go up there, so when I do she hands me my backpack. She said, "Why was your backpack by my closet door?" This is completely all I remember happening in perfect detail, and nothing ever happened to me again like this. Not in that house or any of the other houses I've lived in.

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