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    Ghost Mysteries: An Introduction

    Posted on: 2005-10-25

    By: Ghost Mysteries



Welcome to Ghost Mysteries. This site differs from our sister site Unexplained Mysteries, in that instead of covering a wide range of subjects we focus specifically on the investigation of the phenomenon of ghosts and paranormal activity. Here we will cover these areas in much more detail, offering people who share an interest in these subjects to meet, and discuss their own experiences, aswell as read the experiences of others. To this end, we have a 'True Ghost Stories' section, which provides a collection of true first hand accounts of paranormal experiences which have been submitted by those who have experienced them. We also provide a 'Ghost Pictures' section, where the most interesting, unusual and convincing ghost photographs taken by site visitors can be found. For those looking for the classic ghost photographs such as 'The Brown Lady', these can also be found in a separate gallery.

In addition to this, the site also offers exclusive articles delving deep into the realm of the paranormal, a news column featuring ghost-related news stories from around the internet, a selection of ghost web cams and much more. We also provide a discussion forum service, focusing primarily on these areas. Unlike on our sister site's large, general forum, we hope that the smaller, specialised nature of this forum will help to encourage researchers and investigators to come forward and work with us to discuss and reveal findings from investigations into the subject.

The phenomena of ghosts and hauntings is one of the greatest mysteries of our time, but thanks to the number of independent investigators, researchers and members of the general public who share an interest in the subject, we are getting closer every day to finally solving this mystery. Do the spirits of the deceased return to haunt the living, or can these phenomena be explained otherwise ? Do they truly exist at all ? One day soon we may finally find the answer we are looking for.


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Copyright notice - All photographs, ghost stories and site articles featured on Ghost Mysteries belong to the individual(s) who have submitted them to the site and should not be reproduced, copied or featured elsewhere without prior permission from the copyright holder.


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