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    Is it paranormal or is it not ?

    Posted on: 2006-06-30

    By: Rudy B. Martin




Many of us who have frequently experienced the paranormal, as well as those who have been reading books, articles and stories in the internet about the paranormal to some degree have become paranoids. We have the tendency to conveniently presume or conclude a weird incident, such as a door banging shut by itself, is something paranormal. To someone who is without experience or not a reader of the paranormal, the door which banged shut by itself was done by a draft or a fast joker. Therefore, this weird incident may or may not be paranormal. Consequently, it is always a good personal policy to confirm and understand that the cause of an unusual incident is scientific, practical or simply a natural process, before conveniently concluding that there is no other explanation but ghost or paranormal. This confirmation and understanding will save fretting our nerves and scaring ourselves beyond control. Yet, inspite of all these ideas in mind, of course YOU BE THE JUDGE of the incident!

Here are a few examples:

Pressure or vaccuum in the house or building: When the house or building is well sealed from draft or heat intrusion, and there is no vent or the vent is too narrow or too far, just bear in mind that pulling a door will create vacuum, that will open or close another door in the house or building; sometimes even with a bang! Reversely, pushing a door will cause pressure that will close or open another door in the house or building. The door closest to you may be that door that is opened or closed by the vacuum or pressure created by another person pulling or pushing another door in the house or building. To prevent this otherwise spooky incident from happening, make sure there is sufficient vent at the end of the hall in each floor and at the roof or attic in the house or building. Bad door lock or latch. Gap between door and latch is too wide; lock not latching properly. Door is hinged purposely tilted against the wall, so it can close or open by itself. Temperature rise in the house or building causes door gaps to widen thus causing bad or improper door locks to unlatch. Prankster in the house or building rigged the door to open and close at his control.

Bad switch or breaker. Overloaded circuits. Incorrectly rated overload elements in breakers. Loose fuses or incorrect fuse rating. Loose wiring connections or splices. Miswirings or bad wirings. Shorted appliances. Bad circuits in appliances causing excessive current draw. Too much electrical resistance in wirings. House is located too far from power source so that minimal power is insufficient for domestic consumption which causes intermittent power failure or high low voltage cycling in the house. A prankster controls the lamp or the light with gizmos.

Check programming schedule; someone might have programmed the ON/OFF/CHANNEL schedule and did not inform anybody; faulty or failing electronics circuits; replace the TV or stereo set. Faulty or failing electronic power supply circuit in the appliance, causing ON/OFF cycle; replace the appliance. Faulty or failing volume control circuits in the appliance; have the appliance repaired; replace the appliance. Check the house /building electrical supply as in the previous paragraph. BEWARE OF ELECTRONIC CONTRAPTIONS/GIZMOS. There are persons who know electronics and can assemble radios, stereos, TV's, lamps, garage door openers, etc. equipped with remote controlled receivers. They can turn off and on, change channel, control volume, and even make radio broadcasts with transmitters from 200 ft up to at least 1,000 ft away and make these appliances appear haunted. Electronic gadgets with these remote controlled contraptions/gizmos are available if you know where to find them. I can assemble one for you, but it will cost you, of course. Test the apparently haunted appliances by unplugging them. If they still work after unplugging, open them up and check for batteries inside. The presence of batteries inside is a definite proof of contraption/gizmo. Somebody in the house or neighborhood is making a damned stupid fool of you. You must catch the prankster. If you are very sure the appliance has no power supply, i.e., unplugged, and there are no batteries inside, but still works, then definitely this weird incident is not man-made. A real haunting or worse could be right beside you. Run like hell out the door for your love of heavens!

Check in and around the house or building on a regular basis for things that could possibly fall or crash, such as drums, cans, lumber, detached doors or windows loosely leaning against walls, wood boards, suit cases, boxes, luggages, books, chests, china sets, cupboard sets or anything that has substantial weight which when improperly set can be easily pulled by gravity; a cat or rat can easily tip such things and cause the bang that you will hear. Satisfy yourself regularly that nothing in or around the house or building can fall and crash to cause a bang. Check for tree or bush branches scratching or brushing against outside walls, ceiling or roof Check for venetian blinds, roll up blinds, drapes, etc. which the wind can blow and cause banging or weird noises, or entangle a loose object and throw it banging on the floor or the wall. Check for animal infiltrations such as racoons, possums, rats, squirrels, etc.; these animals can be busy at night and cause weird noises. Watch out for pranksters, jokers, hooligans, prowlers, burglars and thieves; they could be all over your neighborhood doing business at night. Wear earphones and listen to music or train your ears not to be too sensitive; hearing things is a sign of serious personal trouble.

Check with the manufacturer of your camera, particularly the digital cameras. Send query as to the capability of the camera to automatically generate unexpected, strange images specifically in the dark. The manufacturer might find it too difficult to provide you with an honest answer, but they will give you a hint or two. The compact/minute (microscopic) computer circuitries in a digital camera can automatically generate an image from the faintest light which a dust or moisture reflects in the dark - that is what they are designed to do: generate image from the faintest light source; the generated image usually is circular, to which the computer adds shades for three dimensional configuration and causes the circle to appear as globules; some may be diamonds, squares or rectangles, depending on the design of the computer circuit or its imaging programs. Malfunctioning or defective computer in the camera; defective sensors or imaging programs or vital circuits in the camera. Moisture or dust or any particle floating in the atmosphere can reflect enough light that can be detected by the intricate electronic circuits which the computer will enhance into unexpected image in the photograph. Electromagnetic radiation from transformers or radio transmitters or nest of electrical wires and radioactive radiation also affect the delicate computer and electronic circuits in the digital or video camera which accordingly will generate unexpected, unpredictable, weird images in the photograph. Optical abberations caused by changes in temperature to which the camera is exposed can cause weird shades and images to appear in the final photograph; usually blurred waves or shades, even with rainbow colors or hazy or smokey waves. Very small flying insect (e.g., tick or fruit fly) is a good source of reflected light in fast motion in the dark to an inattentive photographer or video camera shooter who is concentrated on shooting a ghost; this will appear as anomalous fast-moving object in the photograph. Somebody can fling a grain of rice or white pepper corn in the dark within view of your digital camera while you are shooting; this will of course appear as a weird orb in fast motion in the photograph. Laser beams caught in digital or video camera will certainly cause weird images in the photograph Conventional, non-electronic, non-computerized, old-fashioned camera may be better for shooting in the dark; they do not hallucinate or imagine things. Beware of graphics inventors/tamperers like yourself; you could bump into some real, inexplicable trouble or entanglement.

Check that you were not too busy concentrating on something while someone in the house sneaked and placed or removed a chair or what not behind you; yell, check and make sure nobody in the house was your joker/spooker. Look around you and make sure you a have good enough memory to remember that you did not move anything into or away from your area and forgot all about it because you were too busy to recall anything else. Do not spook yourself at the corner of your eyes all the time; otherwise, you will see something at the corner of your eyes in time!

I hope you find these information useful and enjoyable.


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