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By registering or participating on the Ghost Mysteries web site, gallery or forums you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions. Our goal is to provide a high quality discussion environment for our visitors, these terms are in place to prevent disruption and maintain a safe and friendly discussion service.
1. No spamming
Forum spam constitutes any of the following:
1a. Advertising: Do not advertise or promote other web sites, books, products, media releases or services without permission from the site administrator. If you have a non-commercial web site then you may link to it in your profile's "Your website URL" field or in your signature block.
1b. Recruitment: Do not recruit site visitors in to joining other web sites or forums, request participation in surveys, petitions, contests, protests, political campaigns or money making schemes.
1c. Multi-posting: Do not start multiple identical threads in multiple forum sections or post multiple identical replies in multiple threads. Posting something once in one place is sufficient.

1d. Thread bumping: Do not "bump threads"; i.e. posting a short response to a thread such as "bump", for the sole purpose of returning that thread to the top of the thread index page.

2. Post content
Please read and understand the following before posting:
2a. Offensive material:  Do not post crude sexual references or material, images or links containing pornography, gore or excessive violence. Remember that we have visitors of all ages, post content should be as 'family friendly' as possible.
2b. Illegal material: Do not post material which is violative of any law or which describes illegal activities such as taking, growing, buying or selling drugs, the sale or promotion of weapons, hacking, downloading pirated software or music, participation in criminal offences or plans to enact criminal acts.
Note: To clarify; a discussion for example in response to a news item about drug legalisation is acceptable, but describing or promoting personal drug use, using the forum to organise the distribution of drugs or to promote, organise or undertake any other illegal act is strictly forbidden.
2c. Copyrighted material: If you quote text from another web site then please properly credit the source. Not doing so constitutes plagiarism, always include a source link with quoted material. Members are asked to copy only as much as is necessary when quoting copyrighted material from other web sites, do not copy and paste entire articles or web pages.
2d. Accuracy: Do not post material that is knowingly or intentionally false, inaccurate or misleading.
2e. Garbage posting: Do not deliberately make posts of little worth or that contain nonsense.
2f. Private content: Do not post the content of private messages, e-mails or the personal contact details of other members. This also applies to the contact details, e-mails etc. of non-members and to other offline correspondences. The content of private correspondences sent by site visitors or members of staff via private messenger or through e-mail are copyrighted to the sender and should not be reproduced, published or distributed outside of this web site through any means without prior written permission from the copyright holder.
2g. Language: As this is an English speaking forum we ask that our members post only in English. Mobile phone shorthand, fictional languages and "leetspeak" are disallowed.
2h. Agenda posting: Do not use the forum to promote an agenda. This often involves the starting of threads or making posts which appear to be legitimate in nature but which are aimed at surreptitiously promoting some political view, religious belief or to attack or criticise other members, beliefs or views in an underhand manor which detracts from unbiased and fair discussion.
2i. Medical advice: Do not use the forum to request medical assistance; while some visitors will offer their opinions on a medical question in an attempt to help out, most are not qualified to assist you and you are always best to seek the advice of your doctor. Discussions pertaining to medical topics, discoveries and research are acceptable so long as they avoid recommending treatments to specific members. Similarly, promoting or recommending alternative medications to visitors such as vitamin mega dosing, prescription drug abuse, white powder of gold, psychic experience inducing drugs or anything similar is disallowed.
3. Behaviour
Any of the following constitutes unacceptable behaviour:
3a. Racism or hatred: Do not post racist or hate-driven material or views which express hatred towards or discriminate against any specific race, religion, country, gender, individual or group.
3b. Harassment: Do not harrass, defame, threaten, bully or victimise other members, this includes but is not limited to sending harassing private messages or harassing members via posts, threads or profile comments. 
3c. Profanity: Do not use profanity, crude, vulgar language or attempt to intentionally bypass the profanity filter.
3d. Trolling: Do not troll the forums. We define a 'troll' as someone who's purpose on the forum is to create as much disruption as possible, offend as many people as possible or otherwise disrupt the forum service intentionally for personal amusement.
3e. Flamebaiting: Do not intentionally instigate "flame wars" or bait others in to making personal attacks.
3f.  Abusive behaviour: Do not be rude, insulting, offensive, snide, obnoxious or abusive towards other members.
3g. Suggestive behaviour: Do not post sexually suggestive comments, innuendo or engage in inapropriate sexually oriented personal exchanges; purely personal correspondences are best kept private. Using this site for the pursuit of an intimate relationship with a member who in their country or state of residence is below the age of consent is strictly forbidden, as is the sexual harassment of members in private messages or via the chat room.
3h. Multiple usernames: Do not register more than one account. If you have forgotten your password please use the password recovery system to retrieve it. If you have forgotten your login username or are otherwise unable to access your account please contact us via e-mail for assistance. If you want to change your account's display name you can do so from the "My Controls" page.
3i. Forum groups/gangs: The formation or promotion of organised groups, clans or gangs is disallowed, as are organised attempts to harrass other members, disrupt discussions or enforce a certain viewpoint in any way that prevents fair and unbiased discussion.
3j. Thread derailment: Do not derail or 'hijack' threads with posts that are either off-topic or designed to draw attention away from what is being discussed. If you'd like to discuss something different either start a new thread or find another existing thread which better suits the area you wish to discuss.
3k. Forum warfare: Do not initiate or participate in "wars" on the forum with other members. Collective or individual attempts to attack, accuse, discredit or force a certain viewpoint on other members are disallowed. A "war" can constitute a prolonged series of disruptive confrontations between specific members or groups of members with similar beliefs or views, usually with either side accusing the other of being the aggressor and attacking, criticising and baiting each other on a regular basis. Action will be taken against members who instigate or participate in this type of activity.
4. Etiquette
In the interests of maintaining a quality discussion environment, please avoid the following:
4a. Shouting: Do not write in all uppercase letters, writing in this manner is considered "shouting" and makes posts difficult to read as well as looking unsightly and being annoying to other visitors.
4b. Drive-by posting: Do not respond to threads or gallery pictures with short one-off responses such as "Fake!" or "Photoshop!". If you think something is fake then explain why you think that, elaborate on your response.
4c. Quoting: Do not quote everything that has become beforehand in a thread only to add a short response, this not only clutters up the board but makes threads harder to follow and tends to be frowned upon by other visitors. Quote tags should only be used to remove any ambiguity over what you are responding to, only use them when necessary.
4d. Display name: Please choose a sensible display name. Display names should contain only alphanumeric characters and must not contain profanity, racism, sexual references, hatred or relate to illegal activities such as drug taking. Do not use your display name to display any web site or e-mail address, or to impersonate, harrass or offend other members.
4e. Signature: Please be sensible when it comes to what you put in your profile. Overly large, offensive, sexually oriented or distracting signatures or avatars will be removed. Signatures should not be used to attack other members or to 'bash' or mock religious beliefs or views. We reserve the right to remove any signature that we deem to be unsuitable, inapropriate or disruptive.

Signatures must also conform to the following guidelines:

  • Signature images must not exceed 500x150 pixels in size
  • Signatures must not contain overly distracting animated images
  • A signature image should not exceed 50k in size
  • Signatures should not contain advertisements
  • Members are allowed to include a small text link to their own non-commercial web site in their signature
5. Moderator action
Ghost Mysteries is a privately owned web site and as such we reserve the right to remove any post that we deem to be inappropriate, offensive or intentionally disruptive, or to take any action necessary against any member whose behaviour we deem to be inappropriate, offensive or intentionally disruptive. Action taken is done on a case by case basis and is dependant on the nature and severity of the violations, but can include anything up to the banning of the account and IP address.
By using the forum service you agree to the following:
5a. Compliance: You agree to co-operate with the requests of our site staff should you be asked to stop doing something that they deem to be disruptive, inappropriate or in violation of the terms of service.
5b. Protest: You agree not to attack, harrass, threaten or become abusive towards any member of staff. Members who become offensive or participate in harassing, threatening or retaliatory action against a member of staff will be subject to further action. All our moderators are volunteers who give up their own free time to keep the forum a safe and friendly place, please treat them with the respect that they deserve.
5c. Appeal: If you disagree with action taken against your account by a member of staff you can appeal the decision by contacting either the member of staff who took said action or an administrator privately via e-mail or through our private message system. Do not start threads on the forum questioning or criticising moderator action.
5d. Access: If your access or posting rights have been revoked, do not register more accounts in order to circumvent this restriction. Accounts that we find belong to previously banned members will also be banned.
Ghost Mysteries reserves the right to change or add to these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice, and in any situation the decision of an Administrator is final.

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