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New Scientific Breakthrough EVP!

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Posted 23 April 2012 - 04:29 AM

Well......I am just putting together a unique piece of tape..Date:- 22nd April 2012...This is not only funny and strange....but demonstrates a technological breakthrough, regarding EVP communication!..Let me put you in the picture.........During the past week, Julie and I, had been doing some gardening during the day...Whilst she was on the patio, and I was a few yards away, she heard someone shout "AH!!"..As explained before, the house is in the middle of nowhere, and the voice had shouted down her ear!..Now, a few days later...whilst I was in the garden, a similar voice shouted:- "UH!!!"..So, I had a debate with Julie, about this voice, saying that it did not sound like 'AH'...but...'UH!'..In actual fact, it sounded rough! She agreed, that it was 'UH!' instead of 'AH!' So we were in agreement, that this was a rough spirit!..At this stage, you must be wondering, what the heck does it matter and why mention this now?..Now this is the interesting running my video camera, this spirit must have felt concerned....upset...despondent or even insulted!.."I don't think rough!?"...This is really clear and loud...It suggests 3 things to me...1) Spirits remember things..2) He uses the word 'think' instead of 'speak', that suggests that EVPs are created by THOUGHT waves on recording devices!!!..3) Spirits have pride and feelings...Well...I now have to compile this recording in context to show that there are only the two of us in the room, and this spirit interrupts within the context of our conversation...If I have time on Monday, I shall place this on YouTube, and you can hear it for yourself...In many years from now, all what I have written, will be accepted by scientific acceptance...I am now TELLING YOU, that EVPS are THOUGHT WAVES through spirit intervention as raw frequencies instead of sound...Remember you heard it first, here...on 'ghost-mysteries' by georgek!! :)....Here is the main recorded spirit voice:-..(it is repeated for clarity).. am now sending this link to Julie, via email, without a proper title, to see what she will write back?..Monday with full version in context......

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