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Hotel baker 2011

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Posted 09 March 2012 - 10:50 PM

Hotel baker 2011
Submitted by Jasmine & Ian
Me and my partner(in our paranormal group) live around St. Charels Illinois.We are just rookies/beginners.I\'m 11 hes 13.Our 1st investigation was at Hotel Baker.A possible female ghost wanders the halls and outside.They say when the hotel was built in 1903(as it said)and a woman was supposed to get married but her husband never showed.They believed him dead.She mourned the death of her husband and drowned herself in the shallow end of the fox river dam.Her ghost still wanders.Reports of crying have been heard around the hotel.So we walked in telling the woman everything.She laughed and said sorry kids!Roumors!We doubted her.So we looked around.We headed upstairs through the 2nd floor hallways.Always caught at a dead end.So we looked in a room ith a label that read \"the rainbow room\".So we set up our 2 camras and our recorder.As i walked by the window i looked out and saw a white figure of a woman in a dress by the dam.When i looked back she had disappeared.After our questions we headed to the 1st level of the rainbow room.We took pictures set on negitive and found some figures.One of a figure sitting at a table,and a black shadow in the window.After that we snapped one more picture of the green dancefloor.We reviewed our pictures and videos.And to our surprise when we asked (in the video) what is your name? when we gave time in the silance for an answer we heard a quick,fast wisper say \"steph\".we never heard it till then.We looked at our pictures then too.We studied the GREEN dancefloor and saw a PURPLE spot floating in mid air.It looked like a bottem of a dress swaying in a ballroom dance.We ran back to the room.I held the recorder out in my hand.I felt a cold air arond my hand holding the recoder.It was so cold i almost dropped it.Ian jumped back startled and was obviously was scared the f*** outta his mind.Woah!Something just tickled my arm!We ran out mostly me (ian believes I have a psycic power/gift and i believe he may be right)and i felt that something didnt want us there AT ALL whatever we did.It was really pissed off!Now we went to the room where I highly refused to go and that was the ballroom.I have a fear of darkness and ghosts but in the end I always suck it up and go in.The ballroom was pich black,big windows,violin music playing from a CD,a lit up christmas tree,and what really made us know we where in for a few surprises was the windows revealed 3 dams!We went to work.\"Hello\" We said \"If your here can you give us a sign to let us know?\" I said.It went off.we wiated a few minutes to see if it was just a power surge.It didnt happen after that.Suddenly.I felt cold air all around my hand.I almost dropped my recorder again.And this was the warmest place in the hotel!Ian was more scared then before he ran to me and said.\"I felt to hands go up my neck!!I.shockingly had the same happen to me.We ran.I didnt feel like getting strangled.We went to the elevator and pressed level 4.We got up.Another dead end hallway.We searched anyway,then i stopped dead in my tracts.Ian looked back \"Jasmine what are you-\"shhhh i replaied.We heard sniffling and crying.*snif snif snif* *moan* we ran to the elevator screaming like _ _ _ _!we finally left with all the evidence we needed.Wanna see or hear or even touch a ghost?go to the baker hotel,have a haunting time! -Jasmine & Ian

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