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I've been seeing weird shadows

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Posted 24 January 2017 - 10:48 PM

Ive been seeing weird shadows
Submitted by Rashead
So i've been seeing stuff which i've never seen before. Last year (2016) i was sitting in my saloon doing my coursework while the door was open and the lights were off, when I stood up to stretch i saw something passing next to the door from the other side. First i thought it was my little brother but when i called no-one answered. I was shocked but thought i was imagining it.


After 4 months i was in the kitchen where that same door was next to making coffee for myself. At 1am while i had my coffee and was going through my phone i saw something sticking under my eyes when i looked to my right. I thought my brain was imagining it because i saw it from the corner of my eyes, i wasn't worried about ghosts.


However the night after In the same place while making noodles, i started smelling something rotten, but after 4 seconds it went away, then at the end when i was going same place the head or whatever stuck out, i started smelling it again. It smelt like rotten meat which was disgusting. I'm just curious that either it's something i'm imagining and my noodles were burning or it was a ghost.

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