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Ghost Rising from floor

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Ghost Rising from floor

.It all started when my roommate Isabel was on her Iphone and she was in the middle of deleting a few .pictures off her phone because the memory was full. Upon doing so... she accidentally took a snapshot of the corner of the .room near the window where i usually sit when im using my lap top. Then she noticed something strange in the picture when .she looked at it.  She noticed an Apparition of what to seemed to be a small girl holding a doll..When she took the snap shot, i was out of the house running errands...When i got back she look scared and distant then i .asked her what was wrong... So she took out her camera phone and showed me the snapshot she accidentally took from her .phone. To my amazement i noticed there was a little girl standing near the corner of our room near the window. She was .wearing a black dress, and She had long black hair holding a tiny doll in her hand. Which resembles a vintage doll,  If i didn't realize it .was actually taken in our room i would have never believed it. .So what i had my roommate do, is take a few  more snapshots of the corner of the room where the little girl appeared before. .So she took few more snapshots and nothing appeared. It wasn't until i decided to go sit in the corner of the room where my .lap top was that she ended up taking a 3rd snapshot with me in it. That's when the ghost girl decided to re-appear again .with me in the picture this time. If you look closely u can see the ghost girl rising from the floor slowly still holding .her doll..Chills when down my spine when i seen she was able to capture the Ghost Girl again when she took the picture with me in .the picture this time. The interesting thing is that we live in an old folks home because my roommate helps take care of .her grandma. Now after seeing this apparition re appear again it makes me wanting to do research on this old folks home. and .find out what what took place in this land before they built this closed community. My roommate and i decided to share this .picture, because never in our entire lives has something like this ever happened to us. I mean i believe in ghosts , but .usually when you see pictures of ghost posted on the net, you always have this feeling in the back of your mind that they .are probably fake or photo shopped. But Now after seeing what we discovered i can say that i truly believe that .supernatural beings live among us.

    Please comment i would really like to know what you think about the ghost girl in our room

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