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Freddy Jackson's ghost

Freddy Jackson's ghost

Freddy Jackson's ghost.The photograph was taken in 1919, and shows a ghostly extra thought to be Freddy Jackson, who had been killed shortly before the picture was taken.

    I hate this picture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I have yet to get a solid chance to look at it to try to explain it. From what I have seen was breif and short. It has been proven that it is original and in the picture not in the negative. The man did not move his head bfore the lens closed ( its is apparent that it is not his face. They claim noone was behind him, and the face looks as solid as the others. Or they look as dead as he does. So ther has been no proof of being faked. Hate it hate it hate it

    you hate it cause you cant prove its a your pathetic
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