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A haunting in washington state

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Posted 09 March 2017 - 05:44 AM

A haunting in washington state
Submitted by Lori Garrison

A Haunting in Washington In July of 2015, I received a phone call from a friend of mine, who had just recently moved into a new rental. She had told me, that from the very first day of moving in she had been hearing voices, seeing shadows, and things being moved around.


Early in July, my friend was alone in the house and she was upstairs already in bed. She recalls falling asleep quickly, and was sleeping hard. Around 3:00 am she was startled awake by a sensation of someone sitting down at the foot of the bed she was sleeping on. Waking up, thinking that it was her dog jumping up on the bed, she reached over and flipped on her bedside lamp. Seeing that the dog was nowhere in the bedroom with her, and getting a gut feeling something wasn't right in the room, she grabbed her G4 cell phone and switched it on to video record, and turned her lamp back off. Settling back in pitch darkness and aiming her video recording device towards her bedroom door, she waited. A few seconds after her lights were out her camera picked up a strange anomaly entering her room. She however did not see anything happening. She did get an uneasy feeling, like the air had gotten heavier, thicker. Trying to stay calm and focused she sat very still, after a few more seconds had passed a second anomaly enters the room, again she sees nothing in the dark room. Seconds later a third anomaly enters and moves towards her bed. The second anomaly remained in the room while this third anomaly moves past it and towards my friend.


You'll notice in the video, that when the third anomaly crawls onto the bed where my friend is at and holding the camera, you know this thing is actually crawling onto the bed with her. While she is pointing the camera it is still picking up the second anomaly, you then see that the camera is disturbed when the third anomaly crawls up to her the camera bounces up and down. Now, my friend moves off the bed and over to a fan that is off to the left of the room, she switches the fan off. Also note the strange red and green lights bouncing around her. My friend then moves to the door and steps out onto the landing while pointing her camera down the stairs. You hear and see her finger swipe across the lense of the camera, then it stops recording and goes black. 


My friend didn't remember anything of that night, until she happen to be reviewing some photos she had taken of her grandson three days later. Myself and my team members went to her place and conducted a 2 hour investigation. We used a EMF, two EVP boxes, a couple voice recorders, a digital camera, and a video camera. In the 2 hours we were there we were not lucky enough to capture anything on film or in photos, however we did get some amazing EVP recordings. We have been back once since then, and at the moment we do have her set up with a gopro camera that we had her set up on a shelf in the house and leave it running on record just to see. We have yet to determine what the three anomalies are. They are obviously generating their own light source to be seen on video in a pitch dark room. You can view this video at:

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