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This picture was taken in a high rise apt. South Bethlehem Pennsylvania.I had lived there for a yr. And always when I enter my apt I always felt a heaviness, the air felt thick. I also felt extremely tired, but when I would leave and stay out for a while I felt so much better. I noticed my service dog would bark more then usually, as though she was acknowledging something was there & I can see that she would be looking at something and following something that was not there. I alway felt vibration like waves when I would passed between kitchen to the bathroom,I felt strange.

    Mar 09 2015 12:06 AM

    I would of loved to see the whole thing. My one orb on my video moved so fast it's hard to even slow it down to .025.

    I would love to see more pics if you have any. Do some research on the place you live.

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