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SAM 1795



SniperCatz Unlimited

SAM 1795

Circumstances: I was taking a bunch of pics to upload to a dating site (lame, yes I realize this)...anywho, the pics were taken by an auto timed camara in sets of 2, with a 7 second lapse between each one. I began seeing orbs in the pics when I was reviewing them so I contined to take them. When I step out of the frame, you can see no orbs, but once I'm in the pics, you can see a bunch. That really bright one in my bedroom, no that is not a reflection. i posted another pic to show you. You can also see that the pics become extremely out of focus when none of the settings had been changed. This has never happened before. The temp in my house is about 75 degrees and no windows or doors are open. When I went into my office to upload the pics onto my computer and check em out, the pic hanging on the wall behind me fell to the floor. When I went to look I saw the nail was still in the wall. This is on my life absolutely no bs. It's crazy and I wanted to share with you so you can tell me what you think. I live alone so it's kinda unsettling. They seem to be attracted to me. I guess that's good I suppose lol

    Jan 04 2015 02:04 PM

    oh,,  yessss !  .. u really do have a nice set of orbs there  !!! 

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