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Cell phone communication with spirit

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Posted 14 July 2017 - 06:37 PM

Cell phone communication with spirit
Submitted by Lee
Recently an acquaintance of mine died suddenly in a car accident. I'm going to call her Kim. She worked in an assisted living facility and would answer the landline phone frequently, so I was very familiar with her voice and the cadence in which the way she would speak. The day after she passed away, I called the facility on my cell phone and Kim answered the phone, speaking very clearly the name of the facility and her name. I was so shocked, I didn't address her as I usually do, but asked to be transferred to another part of the building. I was transferred, and I casually asked an employee if Kim did indeed pass away yesterday and if there were 2 employees with the same name. The answer was yes and no respectively. My question is whether spirit can answer phones? I do have psychic abilities and I would have to say this was a class "A" EVP

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