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Ghost Hunting for the beginner?

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#41 Craven



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Posted 04 September 2006 - 08:22 PM

Its the little things like flashlights that people would forget...I know that I have done it in the past. You get so worked up in making sure that you have everything you need you miss little things like batteries and such.
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#42 Crosis



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Posted 04 September 2006 - 09:13 PM

Good point but i just keep my kit packed all the time so i dont forget anything, and its helpfull if you get a panicy phone call from someone and have to attend a location at short notice.
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#43 Chase


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Posted 05 September 2006 - 02:18 PM

Good point but i just keep my kit packed all the time so i dont forget anything, and its helpfull if you get a panicy phone call from someone and have to attend a location at short notice.

.Thats an excellent Idea... I mean you can never be prepared enough... and if you do recieve this short notice phone call then you will impress the people you're visiting with your fast response!!!! :) ... and good organisation skills :D
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#44 Alicia4Peace



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Posted 05 September 2010 - 07:07 AM

I have watched a few of those investigation shows on TV and I have questions. . . Why is it always done at night? . . Why not sometimes investigate during the day? . . If a place is haunted, is'nt there also activity during the day or with the lights on? . . This is just a theory, but, if "ghosts" exist and they are actually the spirits of people, maybe they are a little put off by hunters moving about in the dark in an attempt to seek them out. Maybe this is why the investigation team sometimes get little to no evidence. . . Imagine if you were being hunted at night in your own home. Wouldn't you hide and try to avoid the ones who are hunting you? Maybe the "spirit people" are put off by being hunted like wild game. LOL Where I'm from, it is illegal to hunt game such as deer at night. It's considered very cruel. Those who do it take large spotlights out into the darkness and shine light into the eyes of their unsuspecting prey in order to blind them, giving the "hunter" unfair advantage. I'm assuming that the moment the deer gain their composure, they attempt to run and hide. . . Is it not possible that "ghosts" could have a similiar reaction to electronic devices with strange lights and to strangers who may have odd questions like, "Are there any entities here who would like to communicate? I invite you to speak into this device in an attempt to make contact with me. I invite you to touch me if you like." Maybe these ghosts are like, "What the heck is an entity? Are you nuts? I'll go nowhere near your creepy device and I'm certainly not going to touch you. In fact, I'm going to go to the corner and hide." :) (I'm sort of joking, but then again.....). . Also, wouldn't film sometimes be of better quality if taken in good lighting like during the day? . . I could see the benefits of doing this at night like less distraction such as less traffic, less noise, and so on, but, still, certain areas being investigated are often isolated in the first place. There would already be less distraction. . . I was just wondering, why always at night? Maybe an investigation team could get something just as good, if not better, during the day. :). . Not trying to make anyone angry here, I'm just puting an idea out there. . . Be happy and please don't yell at me :)

#45 ghostmatt



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Posted 12 April 2012 - 12:56 AM

Alicia4Peace, I'm probably too late to this board but you are correct that investigations don't have to be done at night or with the lights off. The only reason for doing them at night is there may be less noise out on the street, but there's no reason for turning off the lights unless you're cutting the power at the breaker box to minimize false positives on your EMF meters. Otherwise, you can just leave them on. Turning the lights off is something that was started by the early mediums who were frauds and were trying to trick people. If it's dark, you can't see that they were moving the table themselves, etc. The TV shows just do it for the spook factor, and most groups just do it because they see them do it on TV!. . Also, I agree with you about ghosts not understanding what your equipment is and not wanting to approach a total stranger. That's why on our investigations we always try to introduce ourselves, our intentions, and explain the equipment we're using.. . For some examples of mistaken evidence and equipment you see them use on the TVs but are really just toys, here's a page on our website:

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