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Spirit Orb? 1 of 2

Spirit Orb?  1 of 2

This picture was taken at my brothers cabin located in Tecumseh Missouri, located in the heart of the Ozarks.  It was taken just before dusk on April 4 2016.  I was not using a flash and I did not realize the orb was in the picture until I got back to the cabin and started flippig through the pics.  It was taken on my phone and I took several there is also a second picture where the orb has moved to just above the water.  The property I am on is owned by my late brother and his late wife.  My brother had passed away in his cabin January of 2015, the cabin is an 1800's cabin that my brother and his wife restored and of course upgraded.  My sister in law did not pass away until July 2016 after this pic was taken, however she was not living there at the time. Except for the short amount of time that my boyfriend and myself lived in the cabin the cabin has sat empty.  I have taken several pictures since these photos were taken however I have not captured anything like this.  You will notice if you are able to zoom in on the pic the face in the orb also you can almost feel the energy coming off of it.  You may also notice the "tail" that comes off the back of the orb travelling into the woods.