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Prisoner in Glass

Prisoner in Glass

This is in the old Jail House.---At Night. All the group went upstairs with the tour guide and I stayed down so I could take pictures without all the group (other people) in my pictures. Now the tour guide uniform he was wearing had stripes....but the tour guide strips ran up and down the arm, the picture I caught (ghost) has stripes going in circles around the sleeve. Now the hand prints on the other side could be anybody's handprint? or Not!!! PS this is the only one out of 500 + pictures I took all over St-Augustine in two days.. I Think this is Awesome!!!!...

    Still Waters
    Aug 21 2013 09:53 AM

    The hand prints on the right look a bit on the thick/chubby side for human hands, more like ape type and I can see what appears to be a male face there as well which you haven't mentioned.


    That said, the top hand seems to have six fingers? while the one below it has only four? So if those are actual hand prints then what/who would have made them?


    That place must get loads of visitors, anyone could have left those marks on the glass and they might not even be hand prints as such even though they do resemble some.


    I can see something with stripes on the left panel and possibly a man's face. Those glass panels must be covered in marks, scratches and smudges I would imagine. I can see some scratches on them unless it's a trick of the light.


    It's an interesting photo - thank you for sharing, and welcome to GM :)

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