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I think my poems are prophecies

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Posted 04 March 2017 - 12:01 AM

i think my poems are prophecies
Submitted by Tyre
Hey reader. I'm currently a sophomore in college. When I was a freshman, I began working on a collection of love poetry. Even though I was single at the time, these poems pictured me in a romantic relationship, kissing, loving, romantic nights, etc.. These poems were VERY detailed. I think I wrote somewhere around 30 poems in this collection.


Less than a month later, some girl comes up to me. Please know that I'm not the type of guy who girls come up to out of nowhere. I've been told before that I'm ugly and that I'm going to end up killing myself, which hasn't happened yet. Anyway, some girl comes up to me and asks me my name and she gives me her phone number. After years of basically crying for a girlfriend, I never thought it'd be that easy. I know when something fishy is going on lol. Skip the next four days and we decided to walk by the lake at night and I felt a force that pulled my lips to hers. I still can't really explain it, but it was a magical feeling. She was surprised and so was I. Now she's my fiancee. I bet you're wondering, "What does all this have to do with poetry?".


The poems that I wrote were happening, detail to detail. It's like I wrote all of those things down and they happened just like that. It's so unbelievable, it's scary. Maybe they came true because of the way I write them? When I write poetry, I usually put so much emotion into them until I start crying-- this is my way of truly putting my soul into it. Maybe a combination of doing this and writing as if I already had those desires somehow "caused" those poems to come true?...I don't know.


I tested this theory by writing close to 100 poems using this same technique. The purpose of writing these were to see if they would also come true. While I was writing, it wasn't like I was trying to predict anything... more like make something happen.. kind of like a magic spell. I wrote about obtaining lots of money, fame, sex, and all those selfish desires. After a month of writing these, a lot of what I had written happened--- but a lot of them did not come true. I wrote about having my own car and don't have that yet. I wrote about being the center of attention at a party and haven't had that happen yet. However, a lot of what I had written came true.


I wrote about making love in a bed and that happened for the first time. I wrote about the cafeteria lady suddenly having a crush on me and it happened. Wrong cafeteria lady, eew! I wrote about having mad tension with some bold jerks at school and it happened. And many more. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I wrote about death and about being a ghost.

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