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My boss came back

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Posted 09 November 2014 - 09:15 PM

Ok… I’ve been waiting about posting this anywhere.  Not really knowing what to do with it and not knowing where to take it or where to posit it but a friend of mine directed me here.  long story stort: back in 2009 I took a job at a camp… managing maintenece and such.  Pretty easy job? right? wrong.  The job was bad, I had to work everyday, a lot.  My boss was a hard case.  a real hard case.  turned out I found out why.  Years before he had lost his wife.  A woman he married back in the ‘70’s…..she was like 20 years younger than him at the time of their marriage.  she died about 6 years before, before the time I was working there.  working with him.  He started talking about her….A LOT.  seemed like everyday he was talking about her.  He mentioned her a lot.  Really got annoying after a while.  So you can imagine my relief when I heard that he had finally committed suicide.  Hung himself from the rafters!  Or whatever you call the pipes that sprinklers water runs in…. I would have been sad but like I said before this guy had no family and he made my life miserable, and he was miserable… he wanted to be with his wife, who was dead… and now he could be.  Im an athiest but I do think mayeb there is a heaven or some place that my boss is with his wife.  or I DID think that until I started seeing… what I saw.  more on that later.  So ANYWAY, long story short…. I kept working at the camp.  My job was a lot easier now that the bad boss was dead. (he killed himself)…. I could set my own hours and do as I please.  mostly I took naps and watched youtube videos.  around this time I got intrested in movie criticism and started commenting on a lot of red letter medias videos.  you may recognize some of my posts from there.  but that is a post for another time.. long story short: before long, MY OLD BOSS STARTED SHOWING BACK UP


whew.  you have no idea how long it has taken me to actually write that.  hard to believe.. hard to actually write it out.  but like I said my friend said this was the place to talk about what I experienced. 

at first I would just see him out of the corner of my eye…. sort of in the shadows? I dunno it was weird.  before long I saw him I more direct settings.  I could really focus on him.  even got a picture.. more on that later.  anyway, he didn’t move around or anything like I figured ghosts would.  he just always standing there.  never says naything either.  but he’s looking at me.  looking right at me.  I don’t know why It doesn’t make any sense. 

so to summarize, I saw him a total of like 6 times…. a few times I saw him really good.  I havent seen him in years.  here is the picture I took.  I guess this was early last year sometime



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