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Near-death experience

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Posted 05 December 2014 - 02:44 PM

It was 2005. I was a 20year old second year Law student and was very active and athletic as a result of participating in off road motorcycle racing, cycling and jogging. While I had a knack to get myself out of almost every sticky situation I got myself into, I also saw my fair share of crashes. Miraculously I never had any serious injuries, I even walked away from a wipe-out on my Honda CR at +/- 130 Km/h. One weekend I and a buddy went out for a weekend of dirt biking and hunting on his parent’s farm- unbeknownst to me my perception of not only my own mortality but also life was about to be challenged.


It was a beautiful, sunny, South African summer morning. We were a bit hung-over from hanging out the previous night so we decided to go for a ride on their mountain bikes in an effort to feel better. We ate a good breakfast, took enough water and got on our way. They have the most beautiful farm with the farmstead and outbuildings pre-dating the Anglo-Boer war, it truly looked as if time stood still as his parents made an effort to keep the historical character of the place. With this in mind our plan was to visit the Anglo-Boer war sights on the farm while fooling around on the bikes between stops.


All went well until we got to some deep erosion ditches. I guess still being a bit under the influence made it seem a like a good idea to do some jumps even though the ground inside of them were very loose and sandy. We saw a drop of about 2m which seemed like a good idea for a jump and I decided to go first. I started pedalling and built up some good momentum but just as I was about to reach the tip of the ledge I hit a sandy spot which broke my speed substantially and just as I was about to pull the front wheel up from the ground the tip of the ledge gave way. I still remember seeing the ground come closer and rotating as I and the bike was flipping forwards, then a crunching sound I could actually “feel” inside my head before everything turned black!


The instant everything turned black it was like a switch was flipped. I got a sensation that I was travelling at a high rate of speed through a tunnel of what seemed like a black static rotating around me. I actually got the weirdest, most indescribable serene feeling coming over me! After what felt like an eternity a bright white light suddenly appeared and I saw an older man standing inside of it. Although I did not recognise him he seemed extremely familiar, like a parent and I felt like I had the decision to stay with him or go back to my body. I was very tempted to stay due to the serenity I felt when he telepathically told me that I can’t stay as I am not supposed to be there yet.


The next moment I felt as if I was being suck back into my body and for a moment I could see myself from above, my body lying on my back, one big bush to my left and two smaller ones to the right with the bicycle between them, I saw and still remember every little detail. Suddenly I physically opened my eyes and became aware of somebody screaming, I got so annoyed and wanted to yell to my friend to shut the f up when I realized it was me who was screaming! To cut a long story short I broke three vertebrae and got severe concussion but miraculously I made a full recovery!



What actually stood out to me was that at the time I was a Christian but unlike most Christians who would see this as proof of heaven I instinctively knew that this had nothing to do with Christianity whatsoever. I felt like I had been there before, like it was another plane of existence.  I remember the message being relayed to me, or me just remembering that religion does not matter as long as one live an ethical and morally good life. That what society and the media relay as morally correct and ethical not to be always correct but that I would subconsciously know right from wrong. I have also learned that what the media and even many Christians believe to be a successful life actually detract from what makes us good human beings. I also learned that being spiritually and socially spoon fed and indoctrinated actually destroys our spiritual part which have to be developed independently. This and some other little wisdoms I feel I “brought back” has now become my life’s philosophy.


I know this account of mine sound very much like your stereotypical NDE but to me it was as real as daylight. I had no prior interest in NDE’s and neither had any exposure as far as I can remember. I have also being unconscious before and since and have never experienced the same thing. Some scholars might say that it was a neurological misfire of the brain as a result of injury but the event seemed much too spiritual and real to me not to have any significance in my life!




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