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A shadow farm

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Posted 09 February 2017 - 08:53 PM

A shadow farm
Submitted by Somegirl
So I was probably about 6 or 7 when this happened. My mom used to have this friend that owned a farm in a really rural area. She had a bunch of animals, horses, dogs, cattle, sheep, goats, and chickens. Every once in a while we visited her and helped her with the animals. One time we went and she let us ride a horse that she had. It was huge and probably stood about 5'6 a shoulder height. It was a big white stallion, Max they called him. She took off the saddle, harnessed him with reins and helped us up. She had two children also, lets call them Maddie and Collin. They were about 10 or 12 when I was last there and they were a little pushy.


So anyway, Maddie climbed on, helped Collin up and then pulled my little brother, lets call him Jake, on. I was always last when we did things and so I clambered onto the horses back. Maddie started off on a slow trot and we headed around the yard. We walked around twice before I noticed anything strange. On the third go around Maddie had picked up the pace a little and we were all softly bouncing up and down. By the fourth lap I noticed a shadow was standing near the chicken coop, watching us. Suddenly Maddie sped Max up to a canter and we were holding onto each other for safety. The shadow started chasing us and then stepped in front of the horse. Apparently I was the only one that could see it, so I shrieked, and Max reared. He bucked and threw me off. I landed in a mound of soft grass, so I was fine. I saw Maddie jump off and Help Collin who was holding Jake climb off. Their mother eventually calmed Max down and I wasn't aloud to ride him anymore.


I still don't know what happened at the farm or what that shadow was. All I can saw what that I honestly though It was going to kill us. And My mother has never talked about that farm ever again, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that remembers them.

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