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The ghost of gladstone villa

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Posted 06 September 2017 - 06:31 PM

The ghost of gladstone villa
Submitted by Andrew Dexter
My family and I lived at a large property called Gladstone villa in the former mining town of Bargoed which is in the Caerphilly county borough of the South Wales valleys throughout the 1970's. We experienced things that simply defied rational explanation, like footsteps in the main bedroom every evening when we would all be down stairs watching television, one of us would turn the volume down to hear it more clearly. We also experienced minor poltergeist activity, lights going off and on, I witnessed electrical cables being pulled by unseen forces from upstairs, and my grandfather said he had a glass bottle thrown towards him as he entered the main bedroom, I still remember him coming down the stairs with the broken bottle in his hands.


There was the occasional sighting as well, but this was so very rare indeed, so rare in fact that in all the years I was at Gladstone villa I never actually saw it, but my mother did !! One evening we were watching TV when my mother just happened to turn to her left when she saw the full solid figure of a monk, I didn't see this as I was still watching the TV, but she later described it in detail, with typical brown habit and complete with hood over the head, so she didn't see his face ! Local police were involved as well as a medium who when he tried to make contact with it by going into a trance said it was an earthbound spirit.


A priest was also called to Gladstone villa and blessed the property and after a few prayers he duly left and it was quiet for a few short months but the activity returned and the footsteps in the bedroom continued. We left Gladstone villa in the Summer of 1978 when two local business men bought the property. I did some research into the history of the area and I found some very interesting things from the newspaper archives at the library and I discovered that Gladstone villa dates back the the early 1900's. I also heard of a monastery and a priest hide very close by, so this explains the monk my mother saw.


What I have said here is the truth and I wouldn't share this if I couldn't back it up, I challenge any skeptic to stay there and I can assure them that they will indeed most certainly question their belief system, of that I have no absolute doubt at all what so ever !!

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