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  • Elizabethan head
    Elizabethan head
    i see what looks like a face in the lower left corner of the vehicle window.  the other thing that looks like a face could be a reflection of the man in the vehicle that's overt a rock in the...
  • This Is Me
    This Is Me
    so dollface's arms are hairy, paramatt767, big deal.  i'm not bothered by it. 
  • Strange image
    Strange image
    it looks like someone is holding a wrench on the left side of the picture. 
  • Ghost in Neighbours window
    Ghost in Neighbours window
    i do see a face in the picture.  whether it's a ghost or a live person, it's creepy.
  • Now you see me!
    Now you see me!
    i see what looks like a face on the left side of the window. was anyone supposed to be in that building at 9:30pm?

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