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  • Orbs at our claim
    Orbs at our claim
    what's the story behind this photo?
  • Another girl ghost
    Another girl ghost
    it's too dark for me to tell what's in the circled area. 
  • person in the bottom right
    person in the bottom right
    it could be a glare or a reflection.  if it is one of the two, can you find the source of it?  i don't know if it's a ghost or not.
  • IMG 3374
    IMG 3374
    i was going to say that i didn't know what caused the face to be on your shirt until i noticed one of the eyes was on your skin.  i don't know what to make of it.
  • Lady In The Window
    Lady In The Window
    it does look like there is a statue in the backyard and the window could be dirty like raven42_1978 said.  it does look like a woman like rositha said. 

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