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  • looks like two ppl
    looks like two ppl
    It's such a low quality photo that it creates a breeding ground for all sorts of assumptions. I'm not even sure where the reflection of the personm who took the photo is. I'm sorry but it's not a g...
  • i dont know what this is
    i dont know what this is
    It's a reflection of light (probably sunlight?) on the wall, the right side of it is a shape created by a shadow of the woman talking on the phone.
  • DSCN1844
    Are you sure there was nothing dangling in front of the lens at the time the picture was taken? Looks like a tinsel, something wispy and perhaps silver. It's easy to forget the little details somet...
  • IMG 3462
    IMG 3462
    Any info you can give us? It looks like a bunch of firecrackers to me.
  • Driver's License
    Driver's License
    It looks like a motion blur to me. As in, an object or some sort would've swung across the area of focus in the moment the photo was taken, Happen all the time.

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