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  • photo bombed
    photo bombed
    I wish someone would comment on this to tell me what they think...
  • image
    Had anyone seen anything similar?
  • Camera Ghost Detector 635473544374089532
    Camera Ghost Detector 635473544374089532
    I can see this very clear, also just wondering if you can see this spirit looks like it is holding a dog in its arms??? I am feeling that maybe your mom was a dog lover and I see a dog in this pic...
  • The Tower Of London
    The Tower Of London
    To me it looks like the reflection of a man with his right hand up to his mouth, not throat, in a thoughtful/concentrating posture. Possibly looking at the display and trying to figure something ou...
  • Wierd image caught on camera
    Wierd image caught on camera
    St. John's NL Canada

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