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  • Portrait of family
    Portrait of family
    i can agree with still waters on faulty plumbing and old wiring turning the water and lights on and off, if there is a logical explanation for that.  the face looks like the female shape shift...
  • Wispy blue head
    Wispy blue head
    i do see the blue vapor/light.  it does look vaguely like a person.
  • Faces in window?
    Faces in window?
    i noticed this picture is posted twice.  as i said on the other post, i didn't see any person, ghost, etc., in the windows.
  • Faces in window?
    Faces in window?
    i can't see anything in the windows.why is this picture posted twice hours apart?
  • smoke below Tombstone
    smoke below Tombstone
    what's the story behind this picture?

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