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  • Charles Manson
    Charles Manson
    i agree that there could be a logical explaination for the charles manson negative looking like a positive. 
  • Face on pants
    Face on pants
    it could be the way the jeans are creased and faded that's causing it to look like a face.
  • Ghost In Woods
    Ghost In Woods
    all the way on the front of the cabin at the front of the door   (right ) the guy is transparent kinda he is kinda hard to see you might have to download pic and zoom in alot 
  • Ghost In Woods
    Ghost In Woods
    Are you talking about the greenery that's growing there? I can see a tall piece and a shorter piece, no ghosts, just greenery. Or perhaps we're not looking at the same things. Welcome to GM bt...
  • Floating head
    Floating head
    the floating head looks like a skull to me.

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