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  • Face in the window
    Face in the window
    Wow! I haven't seen the original picture yet, but I can definitely see the face you're referring to. It looks like an older man....VERY creepy!
  • 10620576 10152661457877288 1097095365332695387 N
    10620576 10152661457877288 1097095365332695387 N
    Honestly, I think it's just matrixing. I have several pictures that I've 'thought' I saw things in (such as in trees, etc.) when in reality it's just the way our eyes perceive things. OR, it could...
  • 2014 03 31 10.52.34
    2014 03 31 10.52.34
    Thank you for your opinion:) with all respect to you ,I thought the same thing when I first saw it, but then I took more pics and realized that this is real . . . I don't care about how in line th...
  • 2014 03 31 10.52.34
    2014 03 31 10.52.34
    I can see the man's face, but I can also see how it matches the lines and shading of the cabinet. Even the light? flash? from the camera is part of it. It's an optical illusion, a good one but...
  • figure in window
    figure in window
    It looks more realistic from a distance, like in the thumbnail size picture. Looking at it from inside here the 'face' looks more animal like - a fox or a dog. A bear was my first thought!...

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