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  • Hallway face
    Hallway face
    This picture is clearly fake, the picture has been darkened to look creepy but you can see clearly its a photo of a man as you can see his hands his just wearing dark clothing so you cant see his b...
  • Face in the TV
    Face in the TV
    Theres three faces in this picture, first one is right in the centre but his face looks like his from a horror movie, theres another one on the top right corner and one on the bottom right corner a...
  • Ghostly face
    Ghostly face
    It seems like a reflection of the boy as they have similar facial features cant explain the blood dripping from his mouth, seems like double exposure.
  • Myrtles Plantation ghost (1)
    Myrtles Plantation ghost (1)
    It looks like a reflection from something on the dresser.
  • Ghost image abandoned house zoomed in
    Ghost image abandoned house zoomed in
    it could be a ghost.  it also looks like the light is hitting a bunch of weeds and other plants that makes it look like a person or ghost.

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