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  • face with red cloke
    face with red cloke
    the pink colored spot on the bottom half of the picture looks like someones finger.  i don't know what the face is. 
  • Smithsonian Ghost
    Smithsonian Ghost
    Yes that's interesting!
  • Smithsonian Ghost
    Smithsonian Ghost
    I also sent it to this website that has a picture taken a year before that is almost exactly like it. Kinda neat if you ask me! http://www.angelsghosts.com/smithsonian-museum-ghost-pictures
  • DSCN1844
    That's a strange image and it does look like it could be a fault somewhere.  I'm not sure how your wife managed to take this picture if she was holding the camera by the strap at the time. Tha...
  • Cabin on property we are buying
    Cabin on property we are buying
    I wouldn't say it was a little girl because it's not clear enough to make any features out, although it does appear to be a figure of some kind. I can see two sets of colours, one red and one blue,...

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