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  • Picture 001
    Picture 001
    Also, fingerprints will not be in technicolour, they will appear as patches of white and may not reflect light in quite the manner expected intuitively.
  • Picture 001
    Picture 001
    RGR, if you cannot prove your assertion that a certain photo was uploaded by Chupa and that the comments you speak of regarding that photo also exist then you prove yourself to be a liar and we hav...
  • Picture 001
    Picture 001
    Hahaha. I have no idea where you took the information about my supposed photographs from, but if you accuse me of something I did, you could at least provide direct links to said photographs....
  • 1957 buick rear window friend
    1957 buick rear window friend
    I see what you mean. After reading your other comment I'll be interested to see if you can convince us ortherwise, but for now to me the safe explanation remains the same. I'm not ruling out other...
  • my 57 buick ghost
    my 57 buick ghost
    Great story and I'm looking forward to seeing any more pics in the future. Just a clearance, I'm not a skeptic per se, a big fan of paranormal and a believer. I also believe that 98% of supposed gh...

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