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  • Light coming out of left eye 2006
    Light coming out of left eye 2006
    I don't understand the story - was the light coming out of your eyes in this pic, or in life?  Why did this scare her?
  • Boston church 2012
    Boston church 2012
    Is it just me, or does it look like this pic has been intentionally blurred (cf. the words on the screen are also blurry)
  • San Diego
    San Diego
    I'm thinking this is just lens flare.  Taking a direct pic of there sun is always dicey.
  • Ghost Girl In The Basement
    Ghost Girl In The Basement
    This could be interesting.  It sort of looks like an old painting or something, though.  It would be good to see a lit version of the room.
  • ghost
    i don't know what the light is if it's not a night light plugged into a light socket.  i see the lamp's shadow on the wall.  i don't know who or what is making the weird shadow unless som...

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