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  • 095.JPG
    this looks very creepy.  i see the blue whatever it is standing in front of the child.  the blue thing looks like a space alien. 
  • Ghost at MichaelHam Priory
    Ghost at MichaelHam Priory
    i see the person and a pair of legs that look khaki-clad.  i don't know if that's a ghost or another person in the picture.
  • what do you think?
    what do you think?
    it does look like there are two faces in the picture.  i don't know what it is.
  • Haunted cemetary
    Haunted cemetary
    i don't see anything that looks like a ghost.  i do see what looks like lights or reflections of light.  can you explain the lights?
  • Can you see what I do ?
    Can you see what I do ?
    i can't tell if there is anything unusual in the picture.

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