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  • The lookers
    The lookers
    Click Options/ View all sizes/ Large. You will be able to see the little ghost girl closer and the man face. Very creepy.
  • The lookers
    The lookers
    That's either an odd rock formation or a little girl spirit. Creepy photo
  • IMG 1077
    IMG 1077
    Looks like a cropped panoramic shot gone wrong (It has quiet a comedic effect) http://www.dailydawdle.com/2013/04/20-iphone-panoramic-photos-that-went.html
  • WIN 20150523 221740
    WIN 20150523 221740
    Sorry for the misspelling of some words..unsure how to edit. The picture doesn't seem as clear once I uploaded it but hopefully you can still see
  • The Gravediggers Pub Ireland
    The Gravediggers Pub Ireland
    It would be great if anyone could improve the clarity in this photo

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