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County Mayo, Ireland


Lendie Gauvin

County Mayo, Ireland

This photo was taken at a friends farm in County Mayo, Ireland. The former landowner, George Moore, (born in the 1700's) is buried in a small and now derelict chapel on the property. Upon standing beside the, what appears to be an above-ground tomb, I felt a deep sense of sadness, wondering if anyone ever came to visit his resting place. Upon questioning my friend about this, he reported that it had been ages and ages that anyone has visited the grave. Conditions in which the photo was taken: A rainy day (as you can see from the wet tombstone), gray skies (no sunshine visible whatsoever), chapel roof was all but gone and Mother Nature was reclaiming what was once her's (partial tree coverage now acts as the roof (as you can see by the leaf remnants on the tombstone). There was no mist in the or smoke in the air and the photo was captured with an iPad mini). This photo has not been altered in any way and I was quite taken back to see the 'beam' like vapor coming from the tomb and beaming upwards. .  . Any thoughts would be welcomed....  . Also worth noting, no flash was used (the brightness in the lower corner of the photo was due to the natural light coming through again, no roof remaining).