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Cats two cats and something else

animal spirit



Cats two cats and something else

This is a pic of my two cats sleeping on my bed and there appears to be something else with them on the bed.  I had recently tried some different ghost apps for my phone and tablet and one of them stated there was a animal spirit/ghost that was present, maybe this is what that app was picking upon??? I certainly can not explain this picture....I was hoping someone could validate it for me and tell me what it is.

    I am the one who took this pic of my two cats sleeping on my bed with my Samsung galaxy s6.  I mentioned that I had used a ghost app and I wanted to set the record straight that this app had nothing to do with my camera, I just learned there are apps for the phone that can alter an image but in NO way did I do this. The app I was referring to is an application that uses your mobile phone device sensors to detect sources of variable magnetic emissions. This app has nothing to do with the camera nor does it change any images that you take with the camera.  I would like to know what that thing is that is in the pic with my two cats???

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