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Old farmers?

Old farmers?

My husband and I bought 22 acres of land last November 2014. In January, we decided to camp out on the land so the kids could ride their 4wheelers and so that we could kind of get a feel of what it was like (seeing how we planned on building out there)....anyways, we had a fire built near the husband had his tractor out there and at the time of this picture was backing the tractor up so that he could shine the light for us. I had my camera out taking pictures of the kids around the fire and turned around just to snap a picture of him on his tractor....WELLLL.......after looking at the photos that were taken that night....I came across this one where what it appears to be 2 men standing beside the tractor. The one man looks as if he is looking right at the camera and to me the 2nd man looks like a tall old farmer wearing blue jean overalls with his hands in his pockets staring at the tractor. I have looked at this photo dozens of times and I still see the 2 figures clear as day. I have had other people look at it and A LOT of them tell me that they see 3 to 4 figures.....would love some feed back on this.  

    perhaps they are the ghosts of farmers looking at the latest in the line of tractors and related farming equipment.

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