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Creepy Bald Ghost

Reflection ghost

Creepy Bald Ghost

I was coming home to a foul odor and strong smells of marijuana in my apartment and for months I thought it was the neighbors. At night I began to hear knocks and thumps coming from my closet but I mostly ignored it. I was taking a picture for my bf. When I looked closely at the reflection in my sunglasses my heart skipped a beat or two. After realizing this was a spirit haunting my closet I bought some white sage and performed a Catholic ritual to remove him in the name of Jesus Christ. I burned the sage in every corner and crevice of my apartment. My home has been clean ever since. Thank the Lord!!

    catholic? Burning sage is an Indian ritual and the four corners is pagan. Both very effective, but stronger if you know the roots. Please know that both of those are only boundaries. It good or bad is still around somewhere. 

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