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Tia 24/3/2000-5/10/2012


Tania Thomas

Screenshot 2015 07 05 01 01 55(3)

Back on the 3/10/12 our daughter phoned to say we were grandparents at that exact time our little staffie Tia gave out an enormous yelp (we never heard a peep out of her in 12 years not even a bark) so we joked that even Tia was excited as she made a NOISE! The actual truth was she had an undetected brain tumour and died two days later, I think the sound she gave was relief that the baby had arrived safely and mum wasnt stressed in anway, and she could finally let go, loyal to the end. We buried her out the back garden with a few ornaments but they kept being moved and a few weeks ago the house really began to smell of damp dog (we have no pets) the smell after one of her dreaded baths. Something made me look through some old pics after she had past, they were taken on a new pad after her death so couldnt be cross contaminated. The pics havent been touched or cropped, except for adding arrows and putting them in different shades for better viewing, colour is the original, you could say its just a squashed leather cushion but the image goes over the seam. Ive shown friends & family & they see her without me telling them shes there, plus its not just a possible image of a dog its an image of a staffie with a white beard like our dog, 9 months after she had died We have always had strange things happen (shadow man seen twice. in broad daylight witnessed by my husband & I at the sme time) plus names being called out in the house when no one there.

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