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Yellow Orb 1


j lawmack c

Yellow Orb 1

On the 20th of June this year we were at the Orviss site again. Some shadows were moving about but we could not capture any of their shapes on camera. Then something started swirling around in the trees above our heads faster than an animal could traverse causing the recent rain to fall from the high up leaves. I had by flash out independent from the camera so not to capture flash orbs of dust, rain, and/or insects. In two pictures a yellow orb was captured in the trees swirling above us in the areas that we could hear movement through the trees. In this first picture the orb is upper right of center. This does not look like anything I have cught before using the flsh off to the side away from the camera. You can see the shadow in the upper right corner from the flash pointed over to the left while in my right hand.